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whatsapp business service account and a regular account?

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  • May 14,2022
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whatsapp business service account and a regular account?
WhatsAPP Business Services accounts not only have the broadcast programming role of 's own accounts, but also the role of group messages saying hello; the actual differences are on a number of levels as follows.

One, the markings are different: the middle of the WhatsAPP business service account logo is the first letter "B" of Busniess, while WhatsAPP's own account is a phone icon.

Secondly, if a message is sent to a Whats person under a WhatsApp business service account, the customer will be alerted to the fact that he or she is chatting with a WhatsApp business service account on the communication page of WhatsApp itself.

Third, the company narrative, WhatsApp business service account can be equipped with all kinds of company information main parameters, when customers from the account query their own store materials, all the data is will indicate to the customer, further improve the rate of sale and purchase through.

Fourth, the same ability of statistical analysis of information, WhatsApp business service account can check the statistical analysis of all information of the present machine and equipment, according to which the level of customer activeness can be recognized easily.

(v) Short networking control, whereby WhatsAPP business service accounts will gradually have new sessions with a single tap on the unique connection, and will also be able to add a default setting message, which will be set to type a specific message in the message text box by default when a customer is making small talk based on the connection.

Six, leaving message prompts, this role refers to when the customer is not online, there are customers chatting, the system software can automatically reply to specific content;.

(vii) The role of QuickReply, a WhatsApp business service account with the additional role of QuickReply, the application "QuickReply", which can push out appointment-based responses to difficult questions.

(viii) The role of identification, which can be added by WhatsApp customers to mark and classify casual chats.

Nine, the search filter, WhatsApp business service account increased the search override, but this effect does not apply to WhatsApp's own account.