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How important is the skin care for girls?

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  • Esther
  • Dec 06,2021
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How important is the skin care for girls?

Some girls are still young to squander their skin state, the earlier the skin care easier, want to have a starlet-like skin quality should be on their own skin "hard" into.

The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who feel that the essence of the cream is more expensive, and do not want to apply more, feel that applying too much may also produce closed mouth. Of course, most people do not apply enough essence, so that the face of the problem is not solved, lipstick can be saved, but want to whiten please do not save essence!


Deal with the closure and acne: sometimes after applying foundation and sunscreen, sometimes remove makeup at night to wash the face will suddenly rise up the closure and acne, especially sensitive skin, timely and good management of the closure will not repeatedly acne.

The T-zone area has two to three times the sebum secretion of the cheeks, which can easily store dirt and cause blackheads and pimples. Excessive use of cleansing products may improve the situation of t-zone blowing, but on the cheeks, around the eyes and other sensory areas, but more likely to lead to flaking, itching and other dry skin reactions. Therefore, the area that secretes more oil to rub a little more, this trick is more applicable to most girls.


Reduce skin care steps: back to our parents this generation skin care conditions are very simple, which is like the current cream, eye cream, isolation cream, lotion and other cosmetics more or less will contain some preservatives and other products, within the normal amount of use is no problem, if each product has a little, then the more you process the entire set down the micro-content elements will also accumulate into more. Not to say not to apply, it is best to reduce the steps, streamlined skin care, I agree more!

Focus on sunscreen: about 20 minutes before going out, you should apply sunscreen, in the outdoor conditions, it is best to apply every two hours. The fairy who wants to whiten, sunscreen can not save, and can not be lazy.