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How to merge multiple web images into a PDF document?

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  • Sep 25,2023
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How to merge multiple web images into a PDF document?

To merge multiple images into a PDF, save the images as a PDF document. This is not difficult, so here are some simple and useful conversion methods.

Right-click the selected image, we can see many options, including print options.

This feature is ignored by many people, even if your computer is not connected to the printing device, you can also use.

We first take all the images we need to merge into one folder, select all of them, right-click and select Print.

Enter the print page, the printer options are set to [Microsoft Print to PDF], select the paper size and quality, set the number of copies of each image and whether or not suitable for border printing, click Print.

Next we choose to store the directory, fill in the information stored in the name of the PDF document can be saved.

PS: This method is relatively simple, do not need to install any software, but the picture order can not be adjusted at will!

Second, word software conversion

Word is one of the commonly used office software, support the function of inserting pictures. It is generally saved in the document format "docx", but in fact there are many other formats, including PDF document format. Open all the images to be converted into text, click "File" - "Save As".

Then we select the document storage directory, enter the name of the document, click Save as type to select PDF.

ps: This research method we can adjust the order of the images, but the picture quality of the exported PDF images will vary.

Third, PDF converter conversion

Use a professional PDF conversion tool to convert images to PDF more flexible.merge pdf files i love pdf, which allows you to control the order of your images, you can also set the picture clarity, paper orientation, size and other parameters.