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Advantages and disadvantages of laser welding equipment for aluminum shell battery components

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laser technology welding

At present, the battery shell made of aluminum alloy accounts for more than 90% of the whole power battery. The difficulty of welding lies in the high reflectivity of aluminum alloy to laser light and the high sensitivity to porosity during welding. Problems and defects inevitably occur during the welding process, the most important of which are porosity, thermal cracks and explosions. In power battery welding, SCOPE laser can provide free sample testing service. During the welding process, our welding technicians will select the appropriate laser and welding process parameters, including welding speed, waveform, peak, tip inclination, etc., according to the customer's requirements on battery material, shape,battery pilot machine thickness and tension, and set reasonable welding process parameters to ensure that the final welding effect meets the requirements of power battery manufacturers.

Sample of laser technology welding process of square aluminum shell battery module

The advantages of laser welding in battery welding are as follows.

1. Concentrated energy, high welding efficiency, high processing precision, large weld depth to width ratio. The laser beam is easy to focus, align and be guided by optics and can be placed at a suitable distance from the workpiece and can be redirected between fixtures or obstacles around the workpiece. Due to the space constraints mentioned above, other welding rules do not work.

2. Small heat input, small heat-affected zone, small residual stress and deformation of the workpiece; Welding energy can be accurately controlled, welding effect is stable, welding appearance is good; Non-contact welding, fiber optic transmission, accessibility, high degree of automation. When welding fine or thin wires, it will not be easy to produce remelting trouble like arc welding. Power batteries used in the battery is usually made of "light" aluminum, because they follow the "light" principle, so need to make "thin", the general shell, cover, bottom of the basic requirements are below 1.0 mm. The general shell, cover, bottom of the basic requirements are below 1.0 mm, the current mainstream manufacturers of the basic material thickness are about 0.8 mm.

Laser welding equipment in the aluminum alloy shell battery component welding advantages

3, can provide high-strength welding for the development of a variety of different material combinations for the enterprise, especially in the welding between copper materials and aluminum materials when we are more scientific and effective.battery laser welding machine It is also the only method in China that can weld electroplated nickel to copper material.

Difficulties with laser welding equipment for different types of battery components.

The welding of soft pack lugs requires high welding tools, the lugs must be pressed firmly to ensure the welding gap. High-speed welding of complex trajectories such as S-shape and spiral can be realized to increase the weld joint area and enhance the welding strength.

Cylindrical core welding is mainly used for the welding of positive electrode, due to the thin shell of negative electrode, it is easy to be welded through. As some manufacturers currently use the negative electrode non-welding process, the positive electrode is used for laser welding.

Battery laser welding equipment

When square battery components are welded, the poles or connectors are seriously contaminated, and the pollutants decompose when the connectors are welded, which is easy to form a welded burst point and cause holes;battery packing machine batteries with thin electrodes and plastic or ceramic structural parts underneath are easy to be welded through. When the pole is small, it is easy to burn the plastic and form a burst point. Do not use multi-layer connectors, there are holes between the layers, not easy to weld. The most important process in the welding of square batteries is the encapsulation of the shell cap, which is divided into the welding of the top and bottom caps depending on the location. Some battery manufacturers due to the production of small battery size, the use of "deep stamping" process to manufacture battery shell, only need to weld the top cover.

Laser welding is currently our country's high-end battery welding respected main research method, but through the impact of laser welding work quality factors lead to a lot, but because the choice of laser welding equipment manufacturers is more important, it is recommended that corporate customers in the choice of laser welding equipment manufacturers when we choose according to the students' own welding requirements teachers to choose to match the welding requirements of the configuration, rather than not choosing a low-priced products. And they need to fully consider the laser equipment manufacturers of after-sales service innovation ability. Shangtuo laser welding equipment is independent research and development, and set production, sales, after-sales service as a whole, can provide customers with information on the battery laser welding overall analysis of problem-solving programs.

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