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Colder it gets the longer the couple lives.

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  • Apr 28,2023
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feel numb

Couples in middle age are most likely to fall into a relationship remote vibratingcrisis, resulting in a state of "torment."

In many middle-aged couples, the longer they live, the colderremote vibrating they get, and finally they break up.......

In the aesthetic fatigue stage, feelings become blanderremote vibrating and blander.

From the love stage, into reality, into the way of life, into remote vibratingtwo people bumping into each other.

The beginning of marriage is attractive, full of happy longing, but remote vibratingday after day the feeling of love has dulled, so that couples look at each other and feel that they are in love with the wrong person.

At first, they hated each other, but when they were together, they realized it was all an illusion, because life also exposes a person's shortcomings.

A lack of spiritual communication and body language has replacedremote vibrating conjugal life.

So "one does not ask, one does not say", so frozen, the heart and mind are far from each other because each thinks they know each other very well.

Hugging, staring, and holding hands are also the best body language, but all feel redundant. Holding hands is also the left and right hand in a handshake, making it feel numb.

Marriage is the best way to enhance a relationship, but because of work, or one side becomes cold, or one side snores very loud, it gradually becomes less and less. Eventually, it just became a habit not to speak to each other.

Their ideologies are incompatible due to a large gap between them.

After marriage, the two people are still growing, and is the golden growth period of middle age, so they are both struggling, but some people do not think that way, but depend on the other side, so the gap widens.

As a result of the large disparity in status or thought, each other has a "talk is not a good idea," the feeling. The way of thinking is different, the way of approaching the world is different.

When three views do not match, the end result is that one party hates the other, and even feels lazy to talk. There is even a feeling of wanting to leave.

Due to the need for both parents to support, it is difficult to balance the different opinions of the parents.

As love is always associated with affection, especially for couples with parents who do not work and need support, but each person wants to treat their parents better, so the issue is handled when there is an imbalance.

In a family, conflicts are often caused by trivial matters, and the attitude toward the parents plays an important role.

Distance makes couples strangers when they have to be away for a living.

The long separation gives each a new environment and new people to meet, thus increasing the chances of extramarital love. Although separation is a last resort, many couples cannot survive without it.

Two people who are not closely connected can also suffer from poor spiritual communication, be separated for a long time, and then meet again without feeling like they know each other.

There are feelings outside the marriage for either or both of the couple.

The human heart cannot swallow a snake, and love is no different. When you love someone, but do not feel the most loved, or when your family is not warm, it's easy to fall in love outside of marriage.

When you love someone with a family, or someone with a family who is in love with someone else, such feelings are not well received, but they are also immoral, but many people still love, after all, the heart is restless.

An old love relapses, which leads to a relationship crisis for the couple.

There are now more reunions, colleague gatherings, friend gatherings, and other situations, so that many people who once loved one another have relapsed into old love, which has become a major factor in marriage problems.

Having been in love in this life, righteous choice and old love together, many people.

We know how many couples can share the pain, but not the blessing, not lack of feelings, but a lack of spiritual communication. The greater the pressure of life, the more you need to "broken the gold".