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How to get a personal loan?

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  • Aug 30,2023
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personal loan

How to get a personal loan?

Nowadays, personal loans are very popular among credit enterprises. personal loan When I want to take a personal loan, I find that there are many kinds of personal loan products.

China market, different personal loan management agencies and different interest rates. I don't Know

Which one suits me better?

At the same time, the industry of “personal loan“ is directly related to the security of real estate, and there are many routines hidden in it!

Which personal loans can be borrowed and which personal loans should not be moved?

1. Personal loans in the banking system personal loans in the banking system are highly Factor of safety and do not involve usury, so you can be assured of personal loans. It is worth noting that some companies are consumer finance companies or bank-invested micro-personal loan companies.

These personal lenders may have higher interest rates, but it is difficult for them to lend usury. So you need to know whether it is a personal loan from a bank institution.

If you have a personal loan in the bank, we suggest you first choose real estate mortgage personal loan, then choose different consumer credit personal loan, finally we choose multi-purpose funds credit card installment payment. The timing is not strict either. Students need to adjust to their personal development needs.

2. Banks and consumer finance companies In the last article, there are also consumer finance companies invested by banks, such as Ping An Pratt & Whitney and Anju.

Consumer Credit, Hubei Consumer Finance, Bank of China

Consumption, industrial consumption, etc. These are consumer finance companies supported by banks and formal institutions. But compared with banks, they have bigger assets and higher interest rates.

Pros: This kind of consumer finance company is for the average person. Since banks have higher credit requirements and stricter checks, consumer finance companies also have lower qualifications for themselves, making it easier to get a personal loan.

The consumer interest rate of China Bank is 0.98%, the industrial consumer interest rate is 0.95%, and the interest rate of most consumer finance is between 0.9% and 1.1%, which is relatively low.

3. Small personal loan companies

After 2011, small personal lenders grew.

In recent years, they have developed rapidly. Interest rates are generally above 1.5-2%, and personal loans are lower than those of banks.

Many people think that small personal loan companies are usurers, but this is not the case. Why do some small personal loan companies pay so much interest every month?

Because every month, interest is divided into corporate interest payment platform company management fees. The management fee does not include interest.

Perfectly legal! There are many different letters and combinations.

The water is deep. Don't borrow money unless you have to. If you really need this money, you should pay it back to me when you have it.

Don‘t borrow money from a microfinance company more than once. The advantage is a loose audit and the disadvantage is a small audit volume.

4. Internet personal loan

This kind of personal loan, commonly known as cash loan, is even lower than the personal loan limit of small personal loan companies. The online loan limit is extremely low, usually between 1,000 and 10,000 yuan.

Interest is calculated weekly, not monthly. Online lending platform due to low threshold, fast review, after the application can borrow money. Many people have been using it in recent years.