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Takeout, remember the 3 points, for the sake of health may wish to see

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  • Dolores
  • Aug 18,2020
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1. Order food rich in dietary fiber

When ordering take-out, inevitably attracted by the various social food pictures(外賣優惠), especially for which meat and meat, it is a mouth-watering.

You should try to order less meat and more dietary fiber-rich ingredients.

Dietary fiber for the human body to carry out the intestinal tract and enhance their own immunity is likely to help, is our own work every day necessary nutrients, general grains and cereals, vegetables and fruits contain dietary fiber.

For example, corn, millet, buckwheat, apples, bananas, cabbage, radish, cilantro, etc., are a relatively analysis of common ingredients, some other meat also contains soluble dietary fiber, can also be consumed through appropriate to improve.

2. Order less oil and less salt

See many people ordering take-out, like to order some bean paste eggplant, boiled beef, sauerkraut fish and other such heavy oil heavy dishes, these dishes are indeed very appetizing and meal, but we did not take into account whether the physical development of students can stand.

Now people are not like the past, the lack of oil and water, on the contrary, because the standard of living has improved a lot, basically every day there is fish and meat to eat, so the nutrition has also kept up, and even exceeded the standard, if often eat heavy oil and salt food, will bring a burden to the body, leading to many diseases, so order take-out, it is best to order less oil and less salt food.

3. Order simple food cooking

Different cooking methods determine the calorie level of food, the nutritional content of food is also different, cold salad is more nutritious than cooked, cooking development time is better than the long time, point to pay attention to.

When we order take-out, try to order cooking teaching method for simple food, it is recommended to steam, boil, boil, boil and other cooking food production as the main, try to eat more healthy.