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How do you mop for a long time when it's stinky and dirty? Teach you a trick, wash the special clean, and the odor will vanish.

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How can we solve the problem of a dirty and smelly mop at home after a long time, electric mop cordless electric spin mopas well as a particularly difficult mop? Continue reading the article if you want to learn how to clean a mop.

Many people are more clean, some cleanliness friends may mop several times a day, but the mop with a long time is easily dirty.

It will have some water and bacteria on it if not cleaned. Even after it has dried out for a long time, it retains a strong odor.

Some friends will clean the mop after mopping and hang it to dry, but it will still have some odor; what is the reason for this? How do I clean a dirty, odorous mop?

Most of my friends believe that the mop's dirty odor indicates poor mop performance. You can replace it, but this will result in waste and additional costs.

In fact, we can clean the mop; all we need to do is remove the bacteria and dirt on it, and the odor will be gone.

The general reason for the odor of the mop is that we do not always clean thoroughly.

And most of my friends' cleaning mop is simply rinsed with water, so not only will bacteria best electric steam mopremain and may lead to mop mold decay, but odor will naturally arise.

Today I'm going to share with you a cleaning mop method that is so simple that you won't have to rush to learn it.

First, we need to take a plastic basin or bucket and fill it with edible salt, which has a sterilizing effect.

The mop has a lot of bacteria on it, and adding edible salt will kill the bacteria.

After we've added the salt, we'll need to add some washing powder. Laundry detergent has a stain-removing effect and can effectively remove stains.

Many people will add water, but as we all know, water contains impurities as well as a lot of bacteria. And there's an odor of industrial water inside the house, so the more you wash the mop, the stinkier it gets.

So we can replace the water with boiling water to sterilize it while also removing the odor above the mop.

After you can stir and wait for the boiling water to cool, we put the mop in. If the family has not yet mopped the floor, you may mop it once.

Because laundry detergent has the effect of killing cockroaches, we will use a laundry detergent electric mop vs steam mopmixture solution to clean the mop, which can be used to mop the floor while also killing cockroaches at home.

Cockroaches breathe through their abdomen, and their stomata are located there. Laundry detergent contains some substances that can block the cockroaches' stomata.

So we will dip the mop in a laundry detergent solution before mopping the floor to repel cockroaches inside the house.

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