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Self-control with "small luxury" as a reward for yourself to improve the quality of life

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  • Sep 25,2020
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Self-control with "small luxury" as a reward for yourself to improve the quality of life

The reward is a self-control method that can recharge your energy and motivation.

Have you ever survived by preparing "rewards" such as "Let's do XX when this is over" and "Let's go to XX" when there is something unpleasant or troublesome? This is one of the finest self-controls to motivate yourself.

A gift from the "self" who knows me best

You may be given a surprise present to someone, but you are the one who knows what you want and need most. Not limited to special events, let's prepare rewards for yourself diligently in your life.

We recommend things that improve the quality of life

It is important to note here that you should not use "rewards" as an excuse to increase things with a reason. Would you like to reward items that improve the quality of your life if possible?

A must-have item for stress release "bath salt"

The elegant bath time after finishing a hard job is also a reward, but the bath is an effective way to take a break in a difficult time before going over a mountain. It is also recommended to use a slightly rich bath salt according to the purpose.

When you want to raise your mood, choose bath salts that look cute

Why don't you use cute or beautiful things to raise your mood when the tension goes down? You can enjoy satisfaction by choosing a little luxurious consumable.

Bath salts The "enjoyable by looking" type, such as bath salts that look cute and bath petals that scatter petals, as well as those that have a stylish package and romantic content, are effective for feeling depressed.

A relaxing scent can help when you're frustrated

Smell is said to have a strong effect on the brain. If you are frustrated and don't want to think about anything, choose the type that has a clear scent and you like it. If possible, soak in hot water with the bathroom lights slightly dimmed to relieve frustration.

For physical fatigue, relax the body with a type that has a high foaming effect

When physical fatigue is strong due to work using the body, even if it is a foam type, if you use a slightly expensive line, your body will warm up firmly, helping you fall asleep and making it easier to get a good night's sleep.

Luxury that is kind to the body with the basic "rice" of food

When it comes to food rewards, you can easily reach for delicious meat and sweets, but it is also recommended to raise the rank of the staple food. It's a nice choice that is kinder to the body and can be enjoyed for a while with a single reward, rather than eating a savory food.

The package is also cute! Eat and compare various types of rice

A set of rice that you can eat and compare by choosing a brand as if you were choosing black tea. You may be surprised that the taste of rice is not the same, and the difference is clearer than expected, such as the one with a strong sweetness, the one with a crisp mouthfeel, and the one with a light taste.

Enjoy your own "dessert drink" at home

Cream soda, a staple of coffee shops, is a delicious and popular menu that looks cute. It's good to go to a delicious shop, but it's also fun to make custom cream soda at home to your liking.

The best point is to find your favorite ice cream

The point of making your own cream soda is to find your favorite ice cream.

You may notice it by making it like "If you eat it as ice cream, it's a rich type, but if you put it on soda, it's better to have something lighter." If you take into account the combination of ice cream and drinks with flavors other than vanilla, you can enjoy it infinitely!

Also an opportunity to enjoy a drink with a glass that you do not usually use

Cream soda is a "little luxury" and gives you the opportunity to use flute glasses and wine glasses that you don't normally use. If you take advantage of the concentration of the liquid and devise a pouring method, it will become a dessert drink that shines without the need for difficult techniques and will make you feel better.

You can also enjoy "adult cream soda" with your favorite liquor

Adult cream soda with liqueur soda and cocktails with ice cream is also popular. It's easy to match the sour fruit liqueur, but there are also recipes for floating ice cream on black beer such as sake soda and Guinness beer. If you want to enjoy it easily, we recommend canned chu-hi, which has a strong fruit flavor.