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Continuously strengthening financial innovation is to strengthen financial innovation for small and micro enterprises

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Continuously strengthening financial innovation is to strengthen financial innovation for small and micro enterprises

In the long run, to build a new development model, it is necessary to break through the economic cycle, make up for the deficiencies of the industrial chain and supply chain, promote the integration and innovation of the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, large and medium-sized enterprises loan computer(貸款計算機), and improve the integrity of the industrial chain and supply chain. Small and micro enterprises are one of the important content. Market entities such as small and micro enterprises are not only the focus of the current six-guarantee work, but also a major issue to be faced and solved during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Great progress has been made in providing financial services to small and micro enterprises, but financial product innovation still needs to be strengthened. In recent years, the use of financial services by small and micro enterprises has been deepened, the construction of the credit system for small and medium-sized enterprises has achieved remarkable results, and the rights and interests of financial consumers have been better protected. However, compared with the important role of small and micro enterprises in economic and social development, the financial services of small and micro enterprises still need to be further strengthened. Financial products are the bridge between financial institutions and small and micro enterprises. It is necessary to further strengthen the innovation of financial products and provide better financial support for the high-quality development of small and micro enterprises Cards returned(還卡數).

First, enrich the variety of products. The financial services required by small and micro enterprises are characterized by outstanding personalization and diversity. From the perspective of the banking industry, the innovation of financial products for small and micro enterprises needs to fully cover payment, settlement, financial management, investment, credit, etc. Among them, it is necessary to innovate credit financial products and reduce the financing cost of small and micro enterprises, especially for the problems of difficult and expensive financing for small and micro enterprises. In the face of a large number of small and micro enterprises, in the process of financial product innovation, it is necessary to do a good job in customer segmentation and combine the industries, business models and development stages of small and micro enterprises, carry out targeted product innovation, design financial service solutions, and make Financial services are more in line with the needs of small and micro enterprises.

Secondly, pay attention to financial technology. With the advancement of information technology, improving the level of financial technology is not only an inevitable development trend, but also an effective way to serve small and micro enterprises. Financial institutions can rely on technological means to build scenarios, build ecosystems, enrich marketing channels for small business customers, and provide better online payment computing products. Mortgage, online loans, online repayments, etc., allow small businesses to access financial services anytime, anywhere.

Again, institutional collaboration. Whether from the perspective of better meeting the financial service needs of small and medium-sized enterprises or improving the loyalty of small and medium-sized enterprises to financial institutions, institutional cooperation is required in the process of financial product innovation. Financial institutions can give full play to their respective advantages whatsminer m30s++ for sale, in the same financial subdivision, they can also carry out cross-subdivision financial industry cooperation, and even cooperate with non-financial industry institutions such as the government, parks, associations, etc., to promote information sharing, customer marketing, credit risk, etc., and constantly enrich The connotation of serving small enterprises, providing one-stop service for small enterprises.

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