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master scholarship

The University of Central Oklahoma, Oklahoma City Public Schools and Central Oklahoma STEM Alliance will now offer an additional certification program for educators. Based on data and machine learning, the program is designed to enable students to choose appropriate careers for them in the field.

A UCO news release highlights a recent grant awarded by the National Science Foundation and administered by the College of Math and Science. The goal of the program is to promote STEM education through scholarships offered by universities to prospective teachers.

In order to prevent the STEM shortage, UCO's Dean of Mathematics and Science has announced a grant to provide funds for Oklahoma City Public Schools. With this money, teachers can be trained and support can be provided in STEM education. This is part of their goal to produce leaders in science and math education master scholarship.

With this release, 14 teachers will be joining the program. They have goals to become Master Teaching Fellows and will conduct STEM and educational action research, participate in leadership training, and continue professional development. Most importantly, they will focus on supporting other teachers and mentoring them as well.

We are proud to announce the UCO faculty members who will be leading this program. Allyson Fenwick, an associate professor of biology; Liz Lane-Harvard, an associate professor of math and statistics; Elizabeth Allan, a professor who also chairs UCO’s Department of Biology; Mike Nelson, a professor and assistant dean of the UCO College of Education and Professional Studies; and Cynthia Murray, a professor of math and statistics.


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