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Difference between vacuum cleaners and ordinary Chinese vacuum cleaners What is the distinction between a vacuum and a regular v

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  • Feb 28,2023
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such a simple principle

When we vacuum at home, we usually use a regular vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners, when compared to the original sanitary tools, are not only efficient, effective, and convenient; they also have a long history, which the following will walk you through. What exactly is a vacuum cleaner? The vacuum pump, vacuum bag, hose, and fan are the main components of a vacuum cleaner. The working principle is that the vacuum cleaner is subjected to the action of an electric current inside the fan, which is what we commonly refer to as the fan after rotation, and the vacuum cleaner's internal state Vacuum Cleaner Manufacturing Companyis vacuum. The air pressure inside the room is much lower than the air pressure outside due to the vacuum. The dust and particles on the ground will be pushed into the vacuum cleaner by the pressure of the inhaled air at this point. They are then filtered through the dust bag, with the waste remaining in the dust bag. Every household will benefit from such a simple principle. We simply need to turn on the vacuum cleaner and easily take it to every corner of the floor; while it is not spotless, the majority of the particulate dust is not present. If you don't feel clean this time, drag a mop through the house until it's spotless. A vacuum cleaner is an excellent choice for your home. Suggestions for purchasing a vacuum cleaner. 1. Choose based on the size of their living space and cleaning workload. Generally, if we frequently clean at home, it is not because of the daily production and manufacturing enterprises a large amount of household waste, and there is no need for a powerful vacuum cleaner. 

The power of most household vacuum cleaners on the market ranges between 1200W and 2000W. Do not pursue high-cost power blindly; the higher the power, the more noise, and the greater the power consumption. 2. Take note of the vacuum's size. Another important factor to consider when purchasing a vacuum cleaner is the vacuum degree. The suction power of a vacuum increases with its size. It is related to the quality of the motor and the sealing of the entire machine, vacuum degree is not the bigger the better, because as the vacuum degree increases, so does the load on the motor, Roller blinddirectly affecting the service life of the motor. In general, more than 20 KPA is possible. Which vacuum cleaner is the best? Notes for the household vacuum cleaner 1. Vacuum cleaners should be used in dry rooms with no more than 1000 meters of altitude, good ventilation, an ambient temperature no higher than 40 degrees Celsius, and no flammable or corrosive gases in the air or similar environments. 2. Before using, connect the hose to the housing's suction port and secure the hose to the long nozzle and the nozzle end of the nozzle, such as a furniture brush, gap nozzle, floor brush, and so on. Because of the smaller gap between the nozzle inlet and the use of high noise, continuous use should not be prolonged. 3. Connect the ground wire to ensure electrical safety. 

To avoid overheating and burning up the motor, do not use the vacuum cleaner continuously for more than 1 hour at a time. 4. When using a vacuum cleaner with an automatic cord reeling device, pull the power cord out of itself for a sufficient length of time to blind curtaincarry out the use, do not pull the various power cords over the head, and stop the pull out if you see some yellow or red mark on the power cord. To achieve automatic retraction, roll back the power cord and press the button system.