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How to buy and sell the right car vacuum cleaner for truck-mounted cranes

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How to buy and sell the right car vacuum cleaner for truck-mounted cranes

For the owner of the truck wholesale wet dry car vacuum cleaner crane, his own car becomes the most outside the home area. The data survey reports that more than 82% of vehicles have air pollution problems inside the car, so it becomes vital to clean the car box often and persistently clean the car. The car vacuum cleaner is very reasonable for cleaning your own car, and can be used to transfer all the dirty goods in the sewing position to absorb the order neatly. However, there are many types of car vacuum cleaners on the market, I remind that paying attention to the following aspects is likely to enable you to buy the right vacuum cleaner.

1. Pick the right efficiency of the vacuum cleaner.
Dust output power is not the gateway payment processing same, power consumption are different, although the greater the power of the vacuum cleaner, but also in accordance with the specifications of the car, often traveling road conditions and other factors to influence with is how much output power. The truck is composed of heavy arm, rotary table, structure, bracket and other components. With the car lifting truck selection lifting, telescopic, rotation, adjustment and other organizational fitness movement to complete, through the composition of different postures to complete the work of raising. "Everyone's car" advocates, if only drive in the city, the road condition is good, many dust, the use of independent driving force vacuum machine can be. You can choose handheld vacuum cleaner, large buses, etc., as far as possible, using the power of the vacuum cleaner.

2. Pay attention to the adsorption power of the vacuum cleaner.
The car vacuum cleaner bluetooth earbuds is used to digest and absorb the dust and waste from the car. To put it bluntly, the adsorption power is the main thing. When choosing a dust collector, the adsorption power is the main goal to consider, otherwise even the dust and waste can't be absorbed, so it's useless to buy it. Although the size of the suction power of the vacuum cleaner is related to the output power, but the same output power of the vacuum cleaner, the size of the suction power is not the same, in the purchase to operate the process, so as to distinguish the difference between the suction power.

3. Listen to the loud sound of the vacuum cleaner.
The noise coming from the vacuum cleaner can distinguish the quality of the vacuum cleaner, so listen carefully to the sound of the vacuum cleaner when buying, and choose the one with less noise as far as possible, so it will be very comfortable and reassuring.

4. Pick the vacuum cleaner that is in line with the long line.
I remind, car vacuum cleaner certain essential line length of 2 meters, in the purchase to choose a fair based on the length of their own body. Many car enthusiasts in the case of the purchase ignore the line length, buy back and then find that it is not bad. Personally recommended line length of about 4.5 meters, enough to cope with the application of all cars.

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