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How should I choose a thermometer? Infrared ear thermometer has radiation source damage?

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  • Jun 07,2022
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How should I choose a thermometer? Infrared ear thermometer has radiation source damage?
At this stage, there are three kinds of braun thermoscan ear thermometer thermometers on the market, namely electronic thermometers, mercury thermometers and infrared thermometers. In which the mercury thermometer is the most often used, but at the same time is also the most risky. Once the mercury thermometer is broken, the liquid mercury in it will enter the respiratory system or digestive system, resulting in great damage. Two years ago, a small child in a distant suburb of Beijing broke the mercury thermometer and accidentally ate the liquid mercury, and his life was seriously endangered, after which he was saved by the best efforts of the children's hospital.

Compared to mercury thermometer, buy whatsminer m30s++electronic thermometer is much more reliable, but the principle of this type of thermometer is relatively hairy, manufacturing technology is different, manufacturers are different, so different manufacturers produce electronic thermometer in the accurate measurement rate, way, deviation, application standards are not the same. In addition, the electronic thermometer accurate measurement time is relatively long, under the armpit must be about 5-10 minutes to side accurate.

Infrared thermometer operation method
Compared with the above two kinds of plastic prototype thermometers, infrared ear thermometer advantages of all show. There is no risk of leakage of liquid mercury, and there are no unstable elements of electronic thermometers, and the ear temperature gun can be placed inside the patient's ear for 2-3 seconds for precise and accurate measurement, which is safe and convenient. The approximate basic principle is this: when people are feverish, the ear drum in the ear will first raise the temperature, and the ear drum will diffuse different kinetic energy and different light wavelengths all over the infrared induction at different ambient temperatures. The ear temperature gun can detect the heat of infrared induction and light wavelengths all over, and then measure the patient's human body temperature according to the model design. If we really pick the bones in the eggs, the defect of the ear temperature gun is about the high market price. But in front of the physical and mental health of children, this little money is nothing?

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