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Documents required to apply for a Hong Kong student visa and the process

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How long can you visit Hong Kong for without a visa?

All travellers. Although Hong Kong is now part of the People's Republic of China, it remains a Specialvisa agency hong kong Administrative Region with its own immigration controls. You can visit Hong Kong for up to 6 months without a visa. However during the COVID-19 pandemic, different entry requirements are being applied in Hong Kong.

Who is eligible for Hong Kong ID?

Residents of Hong Kong are required to obtain an HKID card at the age of 11. Hong Kong residents over age 15 are required to carry legal identification with them at all times (that is, the HKID card).

What does 3 stars mean on HKID?

The 3 stars on your HKID indicate that you are eligible for an HKSAR Re-entry permit. In this case, you are either a Chinese citizen or stateless. If you hold permanent residency of HKSAR but not Chinese citizenship, you HKID does not have ***. You are not eligible for an HKSAR Re-entry permit.

Does Hong Kong give citizenship by birth?

Children born in Hong Kong to non-permanent residents and non-Chinese nationals do not acquire citizenship upon birth.

What happens if visa gets rejected?

As per some immigrant department of certain countries, you cannot reapply immediately after your visa application was rejected was because the conditions due to which it was refused will not change overnight. Hence, you can only reapply in most cases six months after the refusal of your visa application.

How do I know if my visa is approved?

Check the Status of a Visa Application

For nonimmigrant visas, call 1-603-334-0888. Or use the Consular Electronic Application Center (CEAC).

What happens at visa interview?

The primary goal of the interview is to verify all information presented in the application and to make sure that you qualify for the desired visa. If the interviewer approves your application, you will know immediately. The officer will say something like “Your visa is approved”.

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How much is the Hong Kong to UK visa?

Other charges various visas (HKD) application fee for visas - Main and dependents: Hong Kong British National (Overseas) for 30 months 1726 British National (Overseas) of Hong Kong for five years, primary and dependents 2398 Nationality Right of Abode (outside the UK) Certificate of Entitlement 3721

How do I establish residency in Hong Kong?

Foreigners can apply for the status of HK permanent resident after living there for 7 years and making the city their primary residence; foreigners under 21 who have a parent who resides in Hong Kong (after that age, they must independently apply for a permit);

Can a visa be expedited?

Almost any country in the world allows you to Fast Track your visa application. Select the Fast Track My Visa option when ordering your visa online to sign up for the service from CIBTvisas. There may be additional expenses for urgent or emergency consular and CIBTvisa services.