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Which majors are worth choosing in 2023?

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  • Feb 28,2023
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Which majors are worth choosing in 2023?

Choosing a major is like buying a product; its cost effectiveness is determined by market supply and demand.

Civil engineering was once the best profession, butbest vacuum cleaner wet and dry now it has long fallen into the sinkhole profession. The reason for this is the shrinking demand in the construction industry.

So what are the more reliable majors in 2023?

Computer science, software development

It is said that this year is the Internet winter, but a look at all professional computer is still the employment of the bully. Whether you are eager to make quick money, or want to stabilize the state enterprises, computer is always a golden pick. The reason is that the application of computer includes various fields, computer graduates can enter almost any industry, rather than a specific industry, but from this point on no oneOTC antigen test major can be compared.

In addition, my own consistent opinion is that it is better to recommend a major than to avoid a major. The times are moving fast, and nothing stays the same, and neither does the profession.


Like computer science, it is a gold standard, but not as good as computer science. The gold standard of automation is that you can choose a variety of development directions, such as industrial control, artificial intelligence, hardware development and other popular industries, but it does not cover all fields.

Electrical Engineering

As a traditional engineering major but did not suffer the fate of decline, the reason is that the national grid company's minimum, can let students enrolled in this major drought income.

The most easy to step on the professional is: a certain generation enjoys the dividends of the times and then declined professional. Because of the backward data, treatment has long changed, and it is easy to suffer from the recommendation the chinese university of hong kong qs rankingof elders, from then on fall into the bottomless abyss.

Here I will say a few into the sinkhole professional.

Civil engineering, mechanical engineering, environmental engineering, medicine.

For a long time has been a sinkhole but because of the name is still a lot of people reported professional: biological, chemical, materials, management.

Biology, chemical engineering, materials, management.