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One article will take you to fully understand the online payment of e-commerce

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global payment gateways

1. Online banking payment

1. What is online payment

How can we shop when global payment gateways there is no online collection before the connector is collected online? There are three common types of bank transfer, cash on delivery, and face-to-face transactions.

The final online payment is very complicated, so many buyers end up shopping on Taobao through bank card transfers. Cash on delivery is still used in some special businesses. In some places in Indonesia where online payment is not developed, cash on delivery is still a very popular payment method. In face-to-face transactions, online and offline transactions often occur.

After the development of the Internet, online collection also progressed. Let's define online payment as follows: Online payment refers to a business in which banks provide online fund settlement services for sellers and buyers when they conduct business through e-commerce websites on the Internet. Our simple understanding is that A's money is transferred to B's wallet through the Internet.

2. Online payment type

Let's take a look at the mainstream online payment methods, mainly including quick payment, online banking payment, third-party payment, built-in payment, balance payment, agency payment, and others. fast.

Quick collection is divided into two processes: contract signing and collection. For ordinary users, the collection process of these two cards is the same. The difference is that credit cards can be overdrafted, and debit cards need to be paid in advance with the balance. Secondly, for merchants The payment rates for the two cards are different.

The second is online banking collection. Online banking is one of the most successful products of UnionPay. In 2010, it was the standard for almost any mature e-commerce business. At first, it slowly declined with the rise of third-party payment.

The receiving process is usually to select the bank to receive at the e-commerce cashier, then enter the corresponding bank's receiving page, output the bank card account number, password, use U-shield, etc., and then return to the e-commerce platform after the payment is completed, so the payment process is relatively compared. Complicated and poor experience.

The third is third-party payment, which refers to the payment method developed by a powerful and credible third-party institution, and the company must hold a payment license issued by the state.

Third-party payment can integrate the bank cards of multiple banks into one, and then unified and connect with UnionPay. For users, payment is very convenient, and we will explain this in detail later.

The fourth is the built-in payment, which is mainly based on the payment method of some specific mobile phone manufacturers, and the application will be bound to the mobile phone, such as apple payment for Apple mobile phone applications, Xiaomi payment for Xiaomi mobile phones, etc., compared to other payment scenarios. smaller.

The fifth is the balance collection. This is that users need to recharge the platform in advance. After the recharge, the balance can be used within the platform, but the balance cannot generally be used across platforms.



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