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Someone at school and in the circle of friends asked, this is what we write, the school teacher replied, you have seen several t

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  • Sep 19,2023
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Some people say that students graduate and really want to graduate soon. This is ... how true! Let me show you what the personal report of our business school graduation project is:

Someone at school and in the circle of friends asked, this is what we write, the school teacher replied, you have seen several times the request. Featured alumni Hong Kong So you don't even know what to make your students write!

My personal understanding is how hot I graduated before, how I do not understand English, how I do not innovate, how low my moral level, and then suddenly after graduation!

Be a group of friends.

Other classes

Usually, other classes have a lot of powerpoint to memorize a lot of lessons. It is said that one class had a problem in the final exam. The topic has been written, please write the content of the first few lessons on the PPT page. Others are on the water, such as freshman seminars and strategic management. The long-forgotten freshman learned nothing and scored low. SM is a final year class with attendance and participation rates of 30% of the classes and almost all courses. One final peer review: pick the worst teammate on your team. Come, come, come, hurt each other

Other schools don't know, but business schools always complain about low grades, especially courses in marketing and management schools. Every subject is so difficult to learn, which seriously lowers the GPA and hinders people from finding good jobs and applying for good schools. According to my graduate seniors, they have been hitchhiking, but they can't help it because the people next to them don't know anything!

School education basically does not teach too much, but that does not stop the language, we can self-study. Math School is also a high school learning math, we through self-study. Business schools teach themselves Matlab, Excel, Bloomberg, and so on, then complete their graduation projects based on the teacher's questions and pretend everyone has learned these things. Many of us take courses like CFA, from, CPA and so on. They don't give us anything we can learn on our own. But for those who have just downloaded the data via Bloomberg, this month's figures appear to have reached their limits. Wait until next month.

Forget the freedom rider. Knight! There's nothing you can do about these creatures. They do nothing. On the contrary, procrastination leads to staying up late in the last few days, which may not necessarily lead to good results in the exam. Mainlanders, Hong Kong people and foreigners are all free and reliable people with half a percentage point. I want to smash things when I think of the free riders I met this year. I will never see you again after graduation.


Ah, yes, yes, I can't live in the dormitory now for my last year (although there are still empty rooms) . After a series of e-mails to the school, Och (a rental house contacted by the school) was finally below market value, but freshmen didn't seem to get the discount. Dormitory is very small, very noisy, very smelly, but think about it, the price and dormitory, very safe. It teaches us to fight for our own interests, but our feelings for school are also exhausted. The study area of the library was demolished and turned into a discussion area. It's hard to find a place to study in the afternoon, so the Internet is bad. After the spring festival, Auch didn't go online all day, and the school explained that it owed money. Given that Poly Property's executive compensation is one of the highest in the city...