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Do men pee and ejaculate at the same time during sex?

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  • Helena
  • Nov 29,2023
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Of course, the two do not happen at the same time. We first need to understand the physiological processes and organ functions of men.

When men urinate, urine can be expelled from the body through the increased urethra, whereas when men engage in sexual activity and reach orgasm, they themselves may develop experience as well as ejaculation, i.e.,vibrating gspot rabbit semen analysis is expelled from the body through the ejaculatory ducts.

Urine and ejaculation are controlled by different organs and physiological mechanisms, and under normal circumstances, these two processes do not occur simultaneously.

Specifically, urinary excretion occurs when the bladder contracts,the wand sex toy the urethral opening opens, and urine is pushed out. Ejaculation is caused by a series of coordinated movements of nerves and muscles during sexual arousal.

Because urine and semen are expelled through a shared urethra, some men experience the urge to urinate during orgasm.

This is because during ejaculation, the muscular activity required to expel semen can cause slight pressure on the bladder,vibarator for women which in turn stimulates the urethra.

This development is a relatively more common in young men, but rarer in older men.

However, despite the presence of urine, when sexually aroused the urethral opening and the urethral membrane close at the same time, creating an enclosed space between them where semen is produced.

During orgasm the membrane opens and semen is expelled, but the internal urethral opening closes and the urine in the bladder is not expelled.

Meanwhile, during orgasm, most men's bodies inhibit bladder contractions through a mechanism called the ejaculatory inhibitory reflex.

This reflex temporarily stops the bladder from contracting, thus preventing both semen and urine from being released at the same time. This is why men do not expel urine and semen at the same time.

The overall development is that under normal working conditions, urination and ejaculation do not affect simultaneous occurrence. Although we may have the sensation of urination during ejaculation and semen residue after ejaculation, these problems are not equivalent to simultaneous.

The male urethra and reproductive organs are coordinated by a complex system of nerve and muscle control to ensure the smooth functioning of both processes.

However, it should be noted that if men have any unusual sensations or experiences during urination and ejaculation, such as pain, foreign body sensation in the urethra, change in the color of urine, etc. , they should consult a doctor promptly to rule out any potential health problems.