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Mastering the Basic Skills of Computer Lindbergh: Basic Computer Skills Sharing

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  • Aug 23,2023
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Bring up the virtual keyboard

1.【Bring up the virtual keyboard】

Press Windows+R to enter osk and a cool virtual keyboard appears!convert pdf to word online for free adobe acrobat You press a key on the keyboard, it will also show the status of the pressed!

2、【Open System Properties】

Press windows key, then FN, then Home, you can open system properties.

3、【Quick capture full screen】

What if I can't take a screenshot with QQ or WeChat?

Press Print_Scr Sysrq or fn+Print Scr, and press Ctrl+V at the place where you need to paste data to take a screenshot and it will be generated automatically.

4.【Force Refresh Web Page】

If the network suddenly does not respond, our web page does not move, there is no way to refresh it with a mouse click. The web page is very important and cannot be closed. We also don't want to close and restart, but we just want to refresh this webpage as soon as possible, so how do we refresh it at this point?

Press Ctrl+F5 to force refresh the webpage.

5.【Move Cursor Quickly】

In a busy office, Ming is an office worker who has to deal with a lot of documents every day. Today, he has been given a particularly complex task: editing and organizing a very long document containing a variety of data, charts, and important information. The document is dozens of pages long, and he has to keep dragging the scroll bar every time he needs to go back to the table of contents or to the end of the text. As time passes, Ming feels his fingers getting a little sore.

Press Ctrl+Home to quickly move the cursor to the beginning of the document.

Through students' learning, they finally understand that computers are not not so corporate difficult to navigate. Having mastered some basic computer skills of the society, he is like a person who owns a key to open the door to the digital world. From then on, he can more easily carry on analyzing various information operations, solving problems on the computer, and even has begun to constantly explore more advanced functions.