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In the end, should regular people mining Bitcoin, fil, ethereum pick a mining hardware or cloud computing power?

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  • Nov 10,2022
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Bitcoin, fil, ethereum, and other digital currency values are gradually becoming recognized and familiar to everyone, so that everyone's investment vision has begun to mine this cloud occupation, (the author called him cloud occupation, cloud investment), is such a peculiar cloud occupation or cloud investment llgo, both with the traditional investment industry risk bottom characteristics, but also has a blockchain return rate highly characteristic, in the field of investment, highly favored. However, once I began answering your questions online, I discovered that many individuals just knew mining to earn money and do not comprehend the underlying basis of the phrase mining. One of the most often asked topics is how many bitcoins you want to mine in a cycle, how many mining rigs you should acquire, and how much money you should spend.

Let's look at this question.

Because mining equipment are not necessarily consumer items, but rather investment products, comprehensive pricing and user buying expectations may differ. Bitcoin miners will regulate the machine's payback duration to 10 months to 1 year, however Ethereum miners' payback period will be shorter, and it will cost to acquire the miner, for example, the price of S19 miner is 22,000 yuan, and the static payback period of most miners is 200-300 days. Mining is a significantly reduced risk element investing strategy for many individuals as compared to currency hoarding or speculating. This has resulted in a thriving market for mining equipment and an increase in the price of graphics cards.

While fil is different, for retail investors, in addition to the pledge rule, fil mining machine management and maintenance costs are too high. Therefore, the best choice is still handed over to the miner hosted in the mine, the facilities are in good condition mining, the network speed is also relatively high, and there will be no risk of disconnection, triggering the penalty mechanism.

The requirement for cloud computing power

As the coin's value climbs, more individuals outside the circle want to mine for a piece of the pie. However, with the rising high mining barrier, regular investors can only groan in amazement.

As a result, in recent years, a mining commodity known as "cloud computing power" has emerged and been widely pushed.

The so-called cloud computing power, that is, the user purchasing cloud computing power contracts, leasing computer power mining, and earning a regular revenue via the platform. Its primary benefit is that it simplifies the procedure and lowers the admission barrier. Users are not need to purchase costly mining equipment, choose a mining location, or run and maintain themselves 24 hours a day. There is no need to deal with machinery, sites, etc. once the contract expires, and the departure is more flexible.

According to recent coin price conversion, the high rate of return may reach 100% or even higher, this manner seems to be closer to the present social norm and life pattern, no need to acquire mining equipment, no need for sites, and even less likely to break the punishment mechanism of filibustering (risk aversion).

To summarize

If you wish to dig fil with your own mining equipment, you should abandon the concept since the loss is not worth the gain. Cloud computing power is more ideal for novice miners, but it is also more suitable for fil.

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