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Three common myopia control methods for children are introduced, eye care control myopia safer

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  • Mar 20,2023
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Three common myopia control methods for children are introduced, eye care control myopia safer

Children's exposure to too many electronic products, lack of outdoor exercise, coupled with reading books and improper posture, may lead to myopia, failure to intervene in myopia will only get deeper and deeper. In recent years, the rate of myopia in Hong Kong continues to increase, and the age of onset of the disease in children also continues to advance, when myopia continues to deepen, children are more likely to glaucoma and cataracts in adulthood. If you want to stop myopia from deepening, you need to rely on professional myopia control methods for children, and there are three commonly used options.

Myopia control for children with OK lenses

The OK lens is a convenient way to control myopia in children, because it only needs to be worn at night, the next day can eliminate myopia, does not affect learning and outdoor sports, the principle of the OK lens is actually through the corneal arc change to achieve refractive correction, reduce and slow down children's myopia deepening, usually wear about two weeks to reduce myopia 500 degrees. If you do not want to wear glasses for a long time, it is recommended that you choose this method of myopia control for children.

Myopia control for children with eye drops

Atropine eye drops can also control myopia and prevent myopia from increasing in children. The child only needs to apply it to the eye for the first time every night, the same way as a normal eye drop, which is very convenient. Many of the atropine eye drops on the market are individually packaged for easy portability, and the products are preservative-free, safe and hygienic to use, and not easily cross-infected.

Myopia control lenses for children

In addition to the above-mentioned two methods of myopia control for children, there is another is to choose a special myopia control lenses, the project by the Hong Kong Polytechnic University public research and development, clinical formal can indeed effectively slow down myopia, because of non-invasive, so the same safe and reliable. Of course, even after wearing glasses with special lenses, it is still necessary to take care of the eyes, reduce the use of electronic products, ensure good eye habits, and increase the time and frequency of outdoor exercise, in order to more effectively slow down the deepening of myopia.