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12 Computer Tips Everyone Knows That Are Essential For Office Workers!

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  • Sep 20,2023
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When it comes to computers, no one is a stranger! As the most commonly used tool in the office nowadays, it can help you improve office efficiency faster. Of course, mastering the computer essential computer skills is essential.convert scanned pdf to word online free large files Today I'll show you the 12 essential computer skills for office workers, I hope you will be useful!

1. Tab switching

Whenever we open multiple tabs for browsing, using the mouse to switch tabs will be very troublesome. The skillful use of Ctrl + Tab shortcut saves a lot of time and does not require a mouse click to switch.

2. Lock screen

With the increasing awareness of privacy, whether in the office or in an Internet cafe, people don't want others to see the contents of their personal computers when they leave their seats. Use Win+Letter key L to press when they leave their seat, so you can quickly lock the screen without worrying about others seeing the contents of the computer.

3. Quick Screenshot

In the computer office, often encounter problems themselves need to go through the contents of the interception, this time if we teachers can use the method of quick screenshot: Win + Shift + letter key S, customize the interception, a key to copy, very convenient.

Of course, after the screenshot, after saving, the image will be displayed in PNG format on the desktop, if you want to convert the image format, such as converting to JPG format, you can use a fast image converter to convert, fast and convenient.

4. Quickly switch programs

Whether in the office or in daily life, in the use of computers at the same time, we will open a lot of programs, using the mouse to switch programs one by one is too cumbersome. Skilled use of the shortcut key Alt + Tab can quickly improve the efficiency of use, of course, this function can also use the shortcut key Win + Tab to realize.

5. Open "My Computer" in seconds.

When you need to open "My Computer", you can use the shortcut key Win + e to quickly open "My Computer" without clicking with the mouse.

6. Screen Recording

When you want to record the screen, just press the shortcut key Win + letter R, open the "Run", and then type "psr.exe" to bring up the recording function that comes with the computer.

7. Quickly return to the desktop

Sometimes through the computer applications open too much, there is a lag want us to return to the desktop, one by one to hide too much trouble, delete and can not afford to, directly with the shortcut key Win + letter key D to quickly return to the desktop, have you found the problem is very simple!

8. Recover mistakenly deleted text

When you write in the office, accidentally will write a small section of text is deleted, use the shortcut key Ctrl + letter Z will be deleted text can be restored, otherwise a paragraph of white text will be rewritten.

9. Permanently delete files

Computer, often unwanted files, but afraid of being deleted not clean. Shortcut key Shift + Delete will help you permanently delete unwanted files, deleted files can not be retrieved, and can not be completely cleaned up.

10. Software uninstallation

Everyone's computer more or less will have their own software or programs, so how to uninstall these software completely clean? Hold down the shortcut key Win + the letter R, open "Run", type [ appwiz.cpl ], then you can uninstall the software.

11. Turn off the boot "self-starting programs"

Every time we turn on the computer will start through the automatic control and some management software, each time you need a manual turn off, look very upset, teach you a trick! Shortcut key Win + R to open the "Run", enter [msconfig], you can customize their own choice of work to start the software, you can also directly close the other do not need to start the software.

12. Numeric shortcuts

Numeric shortcuts are used to switch and use the program in the taskbar at the bottom of the computer. The program is fixed at the bottom of the taskbar, can be opened one by one by pressing Win + number key.