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Which online payment platform is best for your business?

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  • Feb 28,2022
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Which online payment platform is best for your business?

I believe that all e-commerce companies understand the importance of a seamless experience provided by website and application management to customers, and convenient payment service methods also have a great impact on customer satisfaction. According to a recent survey, with the rapid proliferation of online payment systems, subscription payment gateway,customer experience has become a defining factor in competitive differentiation.

To be a fast and efficient online business, a robust and secure payment system must be integrated into the online platform to provide customers with a smooth e-commerce experience. Not only will customers improve customer reliability with the store, but they will also allow customers to transact online without fear of fraud or theft of personal information.

There are so many payment gateways in Hong Kong that can be integrated with your website for a small fee. However, every online collection platform is different, which is why you must do your homework and choose the right system for your business to ensure it is easy to use, budget-friendly and secure.

What is an online payment system

A payment system is an application that links to an e-commerce website and a customer's preferred payment method. It is a credit card collection platform that securely verifies a customer's credit or debit card, ensures funds are available, and further ensures that funds are available to merchants.

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What exactly is a subscription fee?

Recurring transactions that are arranged on a regular basis are known as subscription payments or recurrent payments. Whenever time a customer makes a recurrent purchase of a service or good, they can choose a subscription or recurring payment plan.

Amazon, an aggregator of payments?

In order to set themselves out and set themselves apart from other alternative payment providers, payment aggregators have gone to tremendous efforts. In the payment aggregator industry, Google, Payubiz, Paytm, PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments have all taken different paths to serve businesses and customers around the world.

Amazon Pay-is it a PSP?

Amazon introduced the Payment Service Provider Programme (PSPP, or "Programme") on February 1, 2021 as part of our ongoing efforts to make Amazon the safest and most reputable store in the world for customers and sellers.

What kind of payment processor does Zomato use?

The Deepinder Goyal-led firm disclosed the formation of Zompany Payments Private Limited (ZPPL) as its fully owned subsidiary in a regulatory filing on August 4. According to Zomato, ZPPL would offer payment gateway and aggregator services.