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What are the advantages of WeChat payment, Alipay payment and UnionPay?

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  • Apr 21,2022
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What are the advantages of WeChat payment, Alipay payment and UnionPay?

There is no doubt that mobile payment has now been integrated into every aspect of everyone's daily life. Thus, how to grasp the opportunity in getting more customers. Offline acquiring has been the world of UnionPay before, and along with the popularization of smart phones, offline acquiring has long rained china unionpay international, Alipay and WeChat have been reasonable layout of cell phone payment one after another, and UnionPay is not willing to be outdone, also developed two-dimensional code payment and cloud flash payment, etc., competing for the offline promotion of trillion yuan acquiring business sales market. China UnionPay, Alipay, WeChat payment triumvirate period, what kind of advantages do each of the three have?

I. China UnionPay

CUP is with the help of savings cards, CUP's history is relatively long, because of the four-party card institution way, CUP is actually not like Alipay, WeChat payment that grasp the customer; and CUP's arrangement is relatively late, now at this stage cell phone payment is almost the world of Alipay and WeChat, CUP encountered the competitiveness is also quite large, but CUP's advantages are also quite large, at the level of service fees, CUP trading Most of the business process service fees are paid by the merchant, so that the customer is completely free from the concern of service fees. CUP is also a more complete financial information service enterprise, Alipay, WeChat's service items only contain a small part, but CUP's financial information service can cover almost all financial industry, in the world market CUP's advantage is more significant, almost any foreign currency CUP can apply.

Second, Alipay

Alipay is to e-commerce logistics home, has people great transaction stickiness, the development trend to nowadays, has long ceased to be a means of payment, now almost any cell phone, computer can apply Alipay payment, has long had the advantage of online and offline, also involved in foreign sales market, also in recent years Alipay connection to various scenarios. All of Alipay's in-use sales and purchases are free, but when outside sales and purchases are involved, it will cause expenses, such as cash withdrawals beyond 20,000 must deduct a 0.1% service fee, but you can also get cash withdrawals completely free credit limit management privileges based on Alipay integrals and other methods.

Alipay for commercial service transactions, urban transportation, government centers livelihood projects, cultural and educational treatment and other natural environment, to develop relevant solutions.

Three, wechat payment

WeChat payment is to social media home, is more common in China at this stage of social media-specific tools, WeChat has long been used in China, open more frequently, the most hours of the most. WeChat payment is the substance of its social media communication and exchange program process. WeChat can complete the sale and purchase in each scenario according to the bank card binding, WeChat can immediately buy train tickets, pay cell phone bills, drops and many of these scenarios can be carried out immediately in WeChat internal structure.

WeChat payment for life services, smart retail, smart catering, smart travel, culture, education and treatment, government affairs center livelihood project, the development of relevant solutions.

In fact, we can easily find that the three payment bigwigs have different business process advantages, and they not only expand general merchants, but also run through the high-frequency life scenes such as bus and subway, leasing, diagnosis and treatment for meat to occupy the payment channel, the development trend of different advantages to do offense. The three in the future may how the development trend it, so that we wait and see.

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