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5G module-sa mode gwa 5g IoT wireless module downlink

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  • Jul 25,2022
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lpwa 5g

The Fg150/fm1505g wireless modules were turned on in sa lpwa 5gmode for the first time in a lab environment with a peak uplink rate of 914 Mbps and a peak downlink rate of 2.5 Gbps. uplink 2 * 2 Mimo technology is supported in both sa modes, which theoretically doubles the speed compared to 1 * 1 Mimo products. According to the data from GuangQiTong 5g Innovation Lab, the current testing of basic functions such as fg150 and fm150, downlink 4 * 4 Mimo, uplink 2 * 2 Mimo and srs switching in sa mode is very stable.

GWT 5G IoT wireless module SA mode rate test

Broadcom 5G IoT through wireless communication module in 5G Sub 6Ghz band, SA mode development rate test

In the mainstream 5G Sub 6GHz bands (n41, n78 and n79) of the three domestic operators, Guangzhou Communication 5G module also successfully passed the test and successfully accessed N41, N78 and N79 bands. The downlink rate was stabilized at 1.78Gbps.

In a series of 5g-related lab tests, gst fg150/fm1505g series modules reached an amazing 2.5 gbps downlink peak rate (application layer) and over 1.8 gbps single carrier downlink rate below 6ghz.

Broadcom's 5G wireless module SA mode downlink is a milestone in driving the development of 5G industry applications.

SA (independent grouping) and NSA (non-independent grouping) from a general point of view, the main difference exists is whether the enterprise we need to rely on the existing 4G network information for new 5G network system deployment.

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