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Conditions for processing business visas in Hong Kong

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  • Sep 07,2023
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Conditions for processing business visas in Hong Kong

Conditions for processing business visas in Hong Kong

Applying for a business visa in Hong Kong is a major concern for many business people. visa extension hong kongA business endorsement is issued to a person who is going to Hong Kong or Macao to engage in commercial activities. Endorsements fall into three categories: once every three months, more than once every three months, and more than once a year. During the validity period, each stay in the destination not more than 7 days. Let's see how to apply for a business visa in Hong Kong.

1、 the conditions and procedures for Hong Kong and Macao business visas.

Requirements for business visas for Hong Kong and Macao:

The recipient can send it to local registered residents and non-local registered residents who have been engaged in e-commerce business activities in Hong Kong or Macao for a long time (if the work unit is in a different place, multi entry visa chinathey must apply to the exit-entry department of the local public security administrative organ). Among them, those who apply for multiple international business endorsements must apply to the Exit-Entry Administration of the Municipal Public Security Bureau for registration and filing of Hong Kong and Macao business information in advance.

2、 Process:

Hong Kong and Macao Business Visa application materials

(1) Registration and filing

Log in to the e-government platform, register the enterprise, training visa hong kongand input the list of personnel who need to be registered for this year online. After online registration review, the printed appointment information form and dispatch letter will be sent on the specified date, and the following materials will be brought to this office for registration.

1. “Hong Kong and Macao Business Registration Application Booking Information Form”.

2. Submit the Business Manual for Travelling between Hong Kong and Macao and the List of Registered Personnel, and affix the official seal of the unit.

3. Submit the original valid business license (if holding an old business license or related registration certificate, a valid organization code certificate and tax registration certificate must also be provided) and a copy.

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4. Submit the originals (three copies in total) issued by the human resources and social security management department within one month, namely, the basic economic situation of units participating in urban development social responsibility insurance companies, the situation of employees actively participating in the basic old-age medical insurance market for urban residents, and the payment situation of individual basic old-age insurance for urban students, and submit copies. (The first two pages should include the product name of the industry involved by the filing personnel, the list of registered personnel who need to pay the pension in the company, and the date of issuance. The third page should show that the registered personnel have paid social security in the company for more than 6 months as of the application date. )

Where an enterprise entrusts a talent service industry to manage human resource protection, it shall also submit the relevant Human Resource Protection Certificate issued by the talent service industry.

5. Submit a business tax or value-added tax payment certificate issued by the local tax department, and submit a copy.

(2) apply for multiple business notes

After filing, the personnel can log on to our e-government platform and make an appointment to handle the endorsement of Hong Kong and Macao business that meets the filing requirements. After the online appointment is approved, you can bring the following materials to our bureau for endorsement of Hong Kong and Macao business before the appointment is valid:

1. to submit the appointment management information form for the application of business endorsement for Hong Kong and Macao Enterprises.

2. Submit the original and photocopy of the Valid Business Registration Certificate of Hong Kong and Macao Enterprises.

3. If a person with registered residence in this city needs to apply for the first time or change or reissue the Hong Kong and Macao passport while applying for endorsement, he/she must also submit the original of his/her valid ID card; If applying for a separate endorsement, there is no need to submit it.

4. Applicants from other provinces and cities should submit valid ID cards, original residence permits and copies of residence permits;

5. If you are applying for a separate endorsement, you must submit a valid Two-way Permit (pass valid for not less than three months and not less than two blank pages) , if you are applying for a first-time or simultaneous renewal or Two-way Permit, it is also required to submit the application form for entry and exit permits for Chinese citizens to the social services photography office of the Bureau, collect fingerprint information and collect electronic photos of entry and exit permits.