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How to regulate the treatment of metabolic syndrome? These 3 key points are clear to you

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  • Mar 30,2022
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How to regulate the treatment of metabolic syndrome? These 3 key points are clear to you

Metabolic syndrome, as traditionally defined, is a condition in which the body's proteins, sugars and carbohydrates, body fats and other essential chemicals are metabolized in the body in a disordered manner. It is one of the most complex metabolic disorders and is also a source of risk for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

I. What are the characteristics of metabolic syndrome?

1, often causing obesity, high blood sugar, high blood pressure and other diseases, accompanied by dyslipidemia return to care, uric acid and other diseases. Patients suffering from metabolic syndrome usually have a particularly high fat rate and insulin content, and studies have shown that this series of metabolic disorders is the basic for everyone suffering from cardiovascular and hyperglycemia. It is not difficult to see that diabetic patients are not a separate disease, is one of the components of the disease of metabolic syndrome.

2, many experts feel that people suffering from metabolic syndrome are a same factor is obesity, and central obesity caused by its own anti-glycine insulin and insulin resistance is also many patients with the disease.

3, metabolic syndrome will cause the incidence of other diseases to rise, such as high blood pressure, myocardial infarction, and even some cancer, such as estrogen-related breast cancer, prostate tumors, pancreatic tumors and intestinal cancer related to digestive tract diseases.

4, doctor experts show that the metabolic syndrome is important to prevent, prevention in one of the metabolic disorders, it is beneficial to prevent other types of metabolic disorders, which is a mutually beneficial metabolic disorder prevention.

Second, that metabolic disorder how to adjust the treatment?

1, to cultivate a good diet structure, reasonable diet, manipulate the calories of each meal, try to avoid the intake of body fat, meals low-fat food, strict weight control.

2, moderate exercise, proposed to carry out 30 minutes to 1 hour of aerobic exercise daily to lose weight, in order to improve the body's metabolic work capacity.

3, improve the body's lipid index, carry out appropriate lipid regulation treatment, which is very critical for the treatment of metabolic disorders, for example, can take beta or statin drugs.