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The indiscriminate use of sex toys may be harmful to your health

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  • Aug 21,2023
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Misconceptions about sex toys

With the gradual development and transformation of the concept of gender education in society, sex has been a very common thing, and with the rise of sex toys have also brought a lot of fun for couples to live together.wireless vibrating egg However, for many people but due to the abuse of sex toys on their own mental health management to bring a great harm to the female vagina and male genital damage problems are also common. So how do you get through using sex toys?

Misconceptions about sex toys

In life, some people mistakenly believe that using sex toys just for masturbation satisfaction can hurt their partner's feelings as well as their own body.wireless vibrating egg In fact, there are many benefits of using sex toys. In the case of physiological development and maturity, without a sexual partner, the use of sex toys is a normal way to relieve sexual hunger and release sexual tension, which can provide sexual enjoyment, avoid unhealthy behaviors, and reduce the spread of sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Using sex toys indiscriminately may be harmful to your health

If couples use them together, it can add interest to their sex life,wireless vibrating egg close the relationship between partners, increase mutual trust and improve the quality of their sex life. When a person with a strong libido is unable to satisfy his or her sexual partner, it can be used to release excess sexual energy and thus stabilize the relationship. Women in menopause can use sex toys to maintain vaginal elasticity and avoid urinary incontinence and other diseases. For male impotence, female frigidity patients can be induced or treated with sex toys. One spouse is sick or disabled, widowed and unable to have sex, sex toys are masturbation tools.

Sex products are just an auxiliary teaching tool can not completely replace the sexual partner

It is undeniable that sex products can bring different degrees of pleasure and even orgasm, and it does solve some people's sexual repression, sexual anxiety and sexual anxiety.wireless vibrating egg But after all, it is only an auxiliary tool that cannot completely replace a sexual partner, nor can it replace the caress and tenderness between sexual partners. Over-reliance on electrical appliances can lead to a gradual aversion to normal sex. If sex toys are used frequently, or if they are used too forcefully, they are likely to cause vaginal genital injuries, bleeding and infections. If young people use sex toys too early, they are prone to prostatitis, sexual dysfunction, decreased libido and a series of sequelae.

The use of sex toys should be moderate, not excessive and frequent

Don't use sex toys too often, as this may cause your body's sensitivity to "sexual arousal" to decrease, and sexual arousal will become more and more difficult. Long-term frequent use of sex toys, some excessive pursuit of excitement and pleasure and choose those strange sex toys, long-term excessive sexual arousal and strong stimulation, resulting in the body accustomed to strong stimulation, but it is difficult to respond to normal sexual stimulation, each time you need to be more exaggerated, more violent stimulation in order to make the human body excited.

Therefore, it is important not to indulge in the strong stimulation of sex toys, but to stop it at all times and try to restrain yourself by distracting yourself with staff or through other social life hobbies.wireless vibrating egg Although you can use sex toys in order to increase the fun of sex life, but Chinese experts and scholars believe that sexual function is normal, the harmonious development of sexual life for people do not necessarily need to corporate use of sex to obtain sexual satisfaction.

The right choice of sex toys, so that they really use for you

To choose qualified high-quality sex supplies, pay attention to hygiene. In the face of the market strange sex supplies, experts remind people, must choose those qualified, well-known quality products, qualified products, soft texture, smooth surface,wireless vibrating egg after business to clean, regular disinfection, to ensure hygiene. Sex toys are for personal and partner use only, and may not be borrowed or transferred; do not put it in a dark and damp place or a place where children can see it. When buying, you can judge from the brand, quality and price, functional use, service reputation and so on.

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