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Home office neck and shoulder pain? Let Mickey Mouse massage for you

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  • Dec 14,2021
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Home office neck and shoulder pain? Let Mickey Mouse massage for you

I do n’t have a suitable table and chair at home. I feel that my shoulders and neck are getting tighter after sitting for a long time. Didn't have to go to the health center for massage or massage, so please Mickey Mouse to relax your bones at home!

The local home health equipment brand OSIM cooperated with Disney for the first time to replace its popular uCozy neck and shoulder massage pillow with bright new clothes. Mickey Mouse, popular with adults and children, appeared in 4 models. Among them, there is Mickey Mouse pointing at himself with two fingers, with a smug expression as if to say "Look at me!", And leaning on Mickey Mouse's styling massage pillow with outstretched hands, it seems that a cute cartoon will serve your shoulders and neck.


The uCozy neck and shoulder massage pillow is easy to carry. It can be used at home, office or driving. Four large rollers provide powerful 3D two-way kneading action, and a warming function to promote circulation and relieve tight muscles. In addition to neck and shoulders, it can also be used for local body massage, such as back, waist and calf. OSIM also announced that it will cooperate with Disney to launch more co-branded products, and different Disney characters will also appear one after another.


Mickey Mouse-shaped uCozy neck and shoulder massage pillows are $ 99 each (pre-sale price) and can be pre-ordered from OSIM's official website starting May 21 .

(Pic: OSIM)