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Klarna Payment Gateway | Buy Now, Pay Later

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Klarna Payment Gateway | Buy Now, Pay Later

Klarna is one of the world's leading payment and shopping services companies, founded in 2005 in Stockholm, Sweden. Klarna is a platform for business owners and shoppers designed to make the online shopping experience easier. It provides a more flexible and smarter buying and shopping experience for all customers. Klarna is available in more than 17 countries around the world and offers installment, cash on delivery and direct debit options.

Klarna can be logged in as a personal or business account, or by downloading the mobile app on the Googleplaystore or AppleStore.

Benefits of using KLARNA.

Business owners use Klarna to sell these products and individuals use Klarna to buy any product online. Business owners are allowed to receive full and Klarna payment gateway, and customers can choose to pay in installments or in the future. Klarna can benefit from business owners and customers:

For customers

1. You get quality products from proven businesses.

2. Its platform is easier and more friendly to use.

3. Your bank information is safe and reliable.

4. The payment method used by Klarna allows customers to pay for products in three different ways:

5. Installment payment over 3 months to 3 years.

6. Pay after up to 14-30 days.

7. Payment plan in three installments.

For businesses

For business owners who don't have enough money to fund their business to get a loan, Klara helps by:

1. When your client pays later, Klarna pays the full amount up front.

2. You can decide the payment method offered to your customers.

3. Help your business have a wider reach as they are already building a team of 100+ successful partners to support you.

4. You don't need any skills to set up.

5. The platform is available for online and offline purchases.

6. You can integrate Klarna to any of your shopping platforms eg. Woocommerce, Shopify, Wordpress, etc. >> See all platforms here.

7. When customers enjoy the buy-before-pay system, you enjoy more value-for-money pre-orders.

KLARNA ghost card.

The Klarna One-Time Card was originally called the Ghost Card. This is a virtual card for shopping at any online store in the US. When you create a one-time card on Klarna, it will be connected to your debit card based on the payment option selected when creating the card. Every purchase on Klarna follows a payment schedule, and this payment is made automatically according to the payment plan you choose. You can also change your connected debit card; pay in advance, check your plan anytime in MyKlarna.

Related Hot Topic

How do payments on Klarna work?

How does Klarna function? With Klarna's "Pay in Four" option, customers can divide their purchase into four equal payments, the first of which is due at checkout. These payments are due every two weeks. If your purchase costs $200, for instance, you would pay $50 at the register.

Do 6 month payments work with Klarna?

Option 2: Pay in 30 Days - Receive your items immediately and have 30 days to make payment. Option 3-6-36 Month Financing: For this [flexible financing] option, Klarna teamed up with WebBank to provide you the option to divide your bill into monthly payments over a period of six months or as long as three years.

How long may a payment through Klarna be past due?

We'll try once more to automatically collect your money two days beyond the planned due date if we're unsuccessful in doing so. If both of these attempts fail, we will send you a statement for the entire amount of the unpaid order, which will be due 15 days from the date of the statement.