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Easily increase the efficiency of dishwashing with these small items

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  • Jul 13,2023
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Easily increase the efficiency of dishwashing with these small items

1, stainless steel draining rack

Housewives usually have this trouble, in the kitchen once did not pay attention to the problem of draining, not long to find the growth of mould, this is because the kitchen itself is very humid, while the air is sufficient temperature is suitable, all of a sudden become a paradise for bacteria.

This time we can put on the draining rack, it is very easysponges & scouring padsto wash those pots and pans to remove water, at the same time because it is made of stainless steel, not easy to be oxidised and corrosion.

2, dishwashing gloves

Doing housework especially hurt hands, but do not do and can not, so why not prepare a pair of dishwashing gloves it, to avoid the invasion of grease, to avoid the cold water stinging, so that our hands are well cared for, so that we are more comfortable with the housework.

This silicone gloves with a simple and creative shape, washing and care of two-in-one design so that the gloves have a multi-functional purpose, can be used as a sponge brush can also be used directly eco washing up spongeas a wipe gloves, and pure silicone material even if the oil can be easily cleaned, but also heat-resistant heat insulation and anti-scald.

3, Faucet converter

Faucet converter seems to be of little use, but in fact it is the housewife's favourite. This is because this converter can change the size of the water flow, in the dishwashing can be turned on when the water flow, so that the wash more clean. While washing dishes can be adjusted to a small water flow, so that the water will not splash everywhere.

4, Dishwashing brush

If you can't stand the feeling of sticky handsnatural luffawhen washing dishes, a dishwashing brush is undoubtedly a good helper. Long handle design can let your hands do not directly contact the oil, and now some upgraded version of the dishwashing brush handle can be stored in the detergent, cleaning, gently press on the liquid, saving time and effort, simply lazy essential artifacts.

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