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9 Tips to Improve Men's Sex Life

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  • Aug 15,2023
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Couple life to maintain the relationship between two people, it is very important, couple life is harmonious, life, work, emotions will become better and smoother, but with the increase of people's life pressure and work more and more busy, many people began to neglect their married life, some even do not have sex once a week, today, tell your male friends some suggestions to improve your sex app controlled sex toy

1 Keep the initiative of sex life.

Many are middle-aged men on their own delayed erection, non-ejaculation, app controlled sex toy lack of a correct ideological understanding of the lack of learning confidence in sexual life, there is a sense of fear, and thus prematurely reduce the sex life, and thus the development of the sex organs and gonads caused by atrophy and degeneration. Middle-aged men can maintain sexual ability is not to reduce sexual life, precisely how we should maintain economic regularity, moderate sex life.

Couples who enjoy sex for a long time and maintain a positive attitude can continue to derive mental pleasure from sex, have a regular and moderate sex life, and help to maintain male sexual function.

2 Mutual respect and understanding to enhance feelings.

High-quality sex life can promote emotional communication between husband and app controlled sex toy If husband and wife respect each other and understand each other, sex life will be happy and harmonious. If the relationship is indifferent, the bed is strange, or there are endless quarrels and anger, sex is very difficult to please.

3 fatigue should not cohabit

The fatigue mentioned here refers to excessive fatigue, including both physical and mental app controlled sex toy For example, after staying up late or just participating in heavy physical labor for a long time. After excessive fatigue, people's mental and physical strength obviously feel bad, will affect sexual function, sexual intercourse is not as pleasant as usual. At this time, if you force to have sex, it will cause further fatigue, affecting the recovery of physical strength and energy. If this is often done, it may lead to sexual frigidity and even aversion to sex.

4 Don't go to bed with these negative affective emotions

Depression, irritability and other negative emotions will affect the normal performance of sexual life, so that both sides can not concentrate, sexual pleasure decline, and may even occur premature ejaculation, impotence and so app controlled sex toy So before you go to bed, put all the things of work and life behind you, bring your body and your feelings into the bedroom, into the world of two people, experience the beauty of husband and wife.

5 Emotion not desire

Sex is not only a physical need, but more importantly an expression of love to your spouse. Therefore, sex focuses on the quality, not the number of times. If you are a middle-aged man, the general frequency of sex is 1-2 times a week; if you did it three times last week when you were in good shape and feel weak this week, then you can stop doing it once. Don't force yourself to have sex a certain number of times a week. Still, it's not the quantity, it's the quality.

6 Adjust the rhythm of sex

When couples make love at the same rhythm, they can enjoy the whole sex process in a more harmonious and synchronized way. With this synchronization, the partner's sexual response will become stronger and they can reach orgasm at the same time so that both couples have a more satisfying sex life. In other words, don't blindly pursue your own pleasure, but also care about each other's feelings.

7 Should not have intercourse when you are sick

Both husband and wife should not have intercourse when they are sick. Because of the poor physical condition during the disease, coitus will consume a lot of physical strength and energy, which is not conducive to the recovery of the sick body. If some men have reproductive infections, they should have sex again after cure, especially if they have some infectious diseases. Before they are cured, they should be prohibited from having sex so as not to transmit the disease to their partners.

8 Communicate openly

In the long-term relationship between husband and wife, to make the quality of sex life requires higher, more comprehensive and harmonious, prior communication is very necessary, can greatly can improve both sides of the satisfaction of sex life. It is important to note that we should not say anything that should not be said during sex, and we should avoid saying anything that would spoil the fun. Only through the two sides can maintain a positive attitude to exchange information and communication, in order to get to fully enjoy the fun of sex.

9 sexual fantasy

Sexual fantasy is an important sexual stimulation for men, which can enhance the secretion of testosterone and improve the sensitivity to sex. A large proportion of middle-aged men may have lost their initial passion and even libido. Their sexual performance has declined, and they need to improve their sex life through sexual fantasies, through which they can achieve a certain degree of self-stimulation and improve their sexual performance. In fact, sexual fantasy can improve the quality of sex life and bring fresh sex.