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IoT Modular Industry Research: Internet of Things, Modularity First

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  • Jul 22,2022
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Module introduction: Everything is connected,iot module manufacturers modular first

Communication module:The key device to realize the interconnection of all things.

Wireless mobile communication module is a modular component that integrates chip, memory, amplifier device, antenna interface, function for interface, etc. on the circuit board to realize the functions of enterprise radio wave transceiver, channel noise filtering and mutual transfer between analog control signal and digital economic signal processing. IoT smart end-users access the service network through the use of wireless communication module to meet the development needs of these data analysis wireless transmission, wireless communication module is the key equipment to achieve a smart connection of all things.

The value of the module is mainly focused on two aspects: first, the module as an integrated chip, by integrating different network standards (2G/3G/4G/5G/NB, etc.) to meet different application scenarios. It provides more stable hardware communication and simplifies the work of the manufacturer; second, the module manufacturer should customize the burn-in system (Android, Linux, etc.) according to the requirements of the application manufacturer and provide the basic system for software development. Application manufacturers do not need to deal with chips and software directly, they only need to know what kind of network to access and in which system to develop applications, and then buy ready-made custom modules.

The Iot communication module is the iot "connector" through which all data generated at the sensing layer needs to be transmitted to the network layer. The module and the Iot, the network terminal device are a double shot, with irreplaceability. Downstream application scenarios are diverse, fragmented and explosive, compared to downstream application modules which have common attributes. Generally speaking, increasing the number of iot connections requires 1-2 additional communication modules. As a "spade seller" in the iot industry, iot communication modules have a high certainty to improve the prosperity of the industry with the explosive growth of iot applications and the rapid growth of the number of connections.

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