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The construction solution can achieve efficient management of the construction industry

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The construction solution can achieve efficient management of the construction industry

The focus of management in the construction industry is to improve safety supervision capabilities and reduce the frequency of accidents. However, the operating environment of the construction site is quite complex, and the composition of site workers is also diversified. In addition, multiple different types of work are required to cross-operate and cooperate, which mainly shows that the construction sites are scattered. The situation greatly increases the difficulty of management. The construction solution can realize the efficient management of the construction industry, and realize the management of personnel, on-site and heavy machinery.

How to manage site workers

The quality standards of construction site workers are high and low, and their safety awareness is generally weak. Although they have undergone regular training, accidents still occur from time to time. The construction solution can manage workers through smart devices. Various sensors and GpS positioning systems are installed on the helmet. Face recognition is required to enter the site to facilitate attendance and avoid entry of unrelated personnel in restricted areas. Secondly, when workers are in danger or enter the danger zone of heavy machinery, an alarm will be issued to remind them, and relevant personnel can be arranged for rapid support to reduce accidents.

How the construction solution manages the site environment

Everyone knows that the site environment is very complicated and will be affected by the climate. Especially Hong Kong is located in coastal areas, and it is more likely to stop work due to weather such as typhoons and thunderstorms. Through the construction industry system solution, a site environment monitoring station can be established, and sensors can analyze temperature, humidity, air quality, shade, wind speed, wind direction, etc. to ensure that workers have a good working environment. In terms of details, the site sensor can detect water leakage. If there is a water leakage at the power supply location, the sensor will remind workers to restrict access to the area, and the safety management level of the construction site has been rapidly improved.

How to manage the dump truck

The construction solution can digitize the daily work done by hand on the site, and the dump truck management can reduce manual inspection by personnel, record the license plate through image recognition technology, and check whether the dump truck is properly covered. In addition, with the tracker, it can be judged whether the dump truck is driving according to the original route and whether the dumping position is correct. If there is an error, the integrated platform will prompt immediately.

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