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Do not underestimate the massage, to see the powerful effects of massage

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  • Joan
  • Nov 27,2023
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1. Unclogging meridians

Massage has the role of dredging meridians. Modern medicine believes that massage mainly stimulates peripheral nerves, promotes blood and lymph circulation and metabolic processes among tissues, has the function of coordinating various tissues and organs,outcall massage services and can improve the metabolic level of function.

2. Relieve the spasm, adhesion, embeddedness and misalignment of patients' soft tissues

Due to the improvement of blood and lymph circulation, the absorption of edema and pathological changes will be accelerated, and the swelling contracture will be eliminated, which can relieve the spasm, adhesion, inlay and dislocation of soft tissues,erotic massage hong kong so massage is commonly used in the treatment of frozen shoulder, cervical spondylosis and other common diseases.

3. Harmonizing qi and blood is the key to health.

Massage is soft, light, force-based, along the meridians, according to acupuncture points, surgery in the human body, through the meridian conduction to regulate the whole body, in order to harmonize qi and blood, and enhance the health of the body. The mechanical stimulation of Tui Na manipulation can be used to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases by increasing the temperature of local tissues, promoting the expansion of capillaries, improving blood and lymphatic circulation, lowering blood viscosity, reducing total peripheral resistance, and alleviating the burden on the heart through the combined effect of converting mechanical energy into thermal energy.

The advantage of massage is economic simplicity, because it does not require special medical equipment and is not limited by time, place or climatic conditions. It can be realized anytime and anywhere, is safe, reliable, easy to learn and easy to use. For patients, not only can make local symptoms subside, but also accelerate the recovery of the function of the affected area, so as to receive a good therapeutic effect; for patients with chronic diseases or those who are weak and excessive, massage is conducive to metabolism of the body circulation; for the children who are inconvenient to take medication, massage can enhance the children's physical fitness, and have preventive health care; for normal people, it can enhance their natural resistance to disease.

Miraculous massage to conduct therapeutic research methods have been verified for thousands of years, is written with countless success an example of the legend, if you really want to develop their own evaluation of it, please be sure to understand it first, squarely, I believe that by the end of the day your views will change.