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How to identify the performance of a vacuum cleaner?

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  • Feb 06,2024
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vacuum cleaner

There are many types of vacuum cleaners, and it can be a bit difficult to choose when buying one for the first time. When purchasing, the dust collector adopts a dust collector type with dust collection,wet dry stick vacuum anti-blocking functions, easy cleaning, and dust removal technology. A brief introduction to several indicators that differentiate the performance of vacuum cleaners.

1. Suction level

A good vacuum cleaner should have strong enough suction power, and the greater the vacuum, the greater the suction power. However, domestic manufacturers are accustomed to using power to express suction power,wet and dry vacuum cleaner for home but the higher the power, the better the vacuum cleaner, and many high-power vacuum cleaners are also noisy.

2. Suction continuity

Since there is no dust to block the air duct, the suction power of a traditional vacuum cleaner will gradually begin to decrease with time of use. The dust bag must be cleaned frequently to ensure sufficient suction power. A good vacuum cleaner can maintain a high adsorption capacity without frequent cleaning of the dust bag.

3. Will there be secondary pollution?

In fact, it is almost impossible for a vacuum to achieve 100% adsorption effect of various dusts, and the air will contain a certain amount of dust particles and even bacteria. However, a good vacuum cleaner can add high-efficiency air filters, activated carbon filters, photocatalysts and other functions to make the discharged air reach a higher quality and avoid secondary pollution.

4. Is it easy to clean?

A well-designed vacuum cleaner should be easy to clean and have all parts easily accessible.

5. Noise level

Some vacuum cleaners make too much noise during operation. Pay attention to check the noise problem when choosing one.

6. Is the dust removal function comprehensive?

A good vacuum cleaner has comprehensive cleaning capabilities. In addition to the common floor brush heads and crevice brush heads, it is also equipped with brush heads for cleaning the surface of valuable objects (such as TV screens), curtains, sofas, removing mites, etc., which can be used for multiple purposes.