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What should I do if the carpet is dirty? Teach you 3 stain cleaning techniques to make your carpet warm and soft

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  • Feb 02,2024
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Carpets are a common accessory in modern home decoration. They are soft to the touch, beautiful and practical,wireless vacuum cleaner suppliers and are warm and fashionable when laid on the floor. But many people will encounter a lot of headaches when using them. The biggest problem is that carpets are easy to get dirty and difficult to clean.

What are your carpet cleaning tips?

1. Carpet dust removal

Carpet dust removal: The pile on the carpet can easily accumulate dust, especially wool carpets,electric mop vs carpet washing cleaner machine and a vacuum cleaner is a good helper in dealing with carpet dust. First, use an upright vacuum cleaner to clean a large area of the carpet for the first step of dust removal; then use a hand-held vacuum cleaner to carefully deal with areas with particularly heavy dust, such as under the coffee table, corners, bed edges, carpets, etc. The second cleaning must be thorough. When using a vacuum cleaner to clean carpets, it is necessary to do it regularly, quantitatively and consistently. If the dust is not cleaned for a long time, the surface of the carpet will change color and deteriorate. Once mildew spots appear, it will be too late to clean them.

2. Carpet Stains

Large-area carpets will inevitably be stained by various stains in society. Different stains have different cleaning methods.multi use carpet cleaning machine Today Xiaoxi will tell you how to clean three common stains.

Cleaning coffee stains and tea stains: Wash away with ammonia. For silk and wool carpets, soak them in oxalic acid detergent for 10-20 minutes, then wash them off, or clean them with 10% glycerin solution.

Cleaning of soy sauce stains: First scrub the soy sauce stains with cold water, and then remove them with detergent. Old stains can be scrubbed with warm water, detergent and ammonia, then rinsed with clean water.

Cleaning of juice stains: First clean with 5% ammonia solution, and then we use detergent again. However, ammonia has an important effect on damaging pure wool carpets and fibers, so it should be used as little as possible. Generally, it can be cleaned with different citric acids or soaps, and alcohol can also be used. ​

3. Carpet odor

Anyone who has a pet in their home knows that it can smell bad after it plays on the carpet. Cleaning method: Pour four cups of vinegar into four liters of warm water, soak the towel and wring it out, wipe the carpet from beginning to end, and then put it in a place to dry naturally. Vinegar not only eliminates pet odors, it also prevents carpets from discoloring or fading.

4. Carpet sterilization

Carpets in your home are warm and soft, which can be said to be a breeding ground for bacteria. Currently, there are two effective and common methods of carpet disinfection:

Disinfectant sterilization: This research method uses a controlled cleaning machine to combine the use of disinfectants to kill bacteria on the carpet. After vacuuming, spray disinfectant water evenly on the carpet, clean it again with a roller brush after 15 minutes, and finally dry it thoroughly. Just the surface.

Steam Sterilization: This method uses a specialized steam sauna carpet cleaning machine, which converts water to 200 degrees Fahrenheit, uses high temperature and pressure to separate dirt, and sterilizes the carpet at high temperatures.

Common misunderstandings about carpets

1. Rinse frequently

Many people believe that frequent carpet cleaning is necessary if they want to keep their carpets clean. In fact, if you clean your carpet frequently, it will affect its softness, color, and shine. In particular, pure wool carpets are not suitable for frequent washing, which will cause damage to all aspects of the carpet. A combination of regular thorough cleaning and daily dusting is the right way to maintain your carpets.

2. Sterilization by sunlight

Many people will put the washed carpet under the sun, thinking that this can make it dry faster, or put the carpet under the sun to achieve the sterilization effect. In fact, this traditional practice is wrong .

If you want to sterilize the carpet in the sun, the carpet should be left in the sun for 1-2 hours. However, long-term exposure will cause the carpet to lose its original softness and color. In addition, it is best to place the carpet in a vent to dry naturally to reduce damage to the carpet.

3. Bleach cleaning

When working with carpet, stains and stains are inevitable. When faced with stubborn stains, some people choose to use strong bleach to clean their carpets.

Although strong bleach can fully clean the stains left on the carpet, contact with the strong bleach may cause chemical stains or fading. Serious problems may directly lead to such corrosion on the carpet. Case.

Therefore, even if it is necessary to use strong bleach to clean stains on the carpet, try to dilute it with water and reuse it to avoid damage to the carpet.

Correct maintenance methods for carpets

Avoid light: When using carpets, try to avoid strong direct sunlight to avoid carpet aging and fading.

Anti-fouling: If there are certain problems during use and management, you should pay attention to anti-fouling. Do not let the carpet be contaminated with oil, acid and other substances. If environmental pollution occurs, you should immediately use a large amount of high-quality carpet cleaning cream to erase data.

Dust: There is a layer of fiber on the surface of the carpet, which is most likely to accumulate dust. When cleaning, you should follow the direction of wool cleaning. Do not use teeth or tools with rough edges to avoid damage to the carpet.