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I bought a box of magic sponge, but I read on the Internet that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, will it be toxic to use?

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  • Sep 26,2023
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I bought a box of magic sponge, but I read on the Internet that formaldehyde exceeds the standard, will it be toxic to use?

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As a matter of fact, the magic nano sponge meets environmental standards and can be safely used. cellulose sponge cloth manufacturers However, formaldehyde is still used. This is a bit like the new house decoration will release formaldehyde, with some homes lasting more than ten years.

Initially, we should acknowledge that formaldehyde has a potential harm when it comes into direct contact, is ingested or inhaled. However, one characteristic of formaldehyde is its high solubility in water - up to 55% in aqueous solution (commonly known as "formalin" with a concentration of 40%). This is why it is recommended to soak the nano-sponge in water before using it for dishwashing. Additionally, the nano-sponge has a pore structure of 95%, making it highly absorbent. So while there may be some formaldehyde present initially, it is easily diluted and washed away by the large amount of water used for dishwashing. Furthermore, since formaldehyde cannot accumulate in an open space, any possible trace amounts will dissipate. Some may worry about consuming dishes washed with the magic sponge containing formaldehyde residue. However, simply rinsing the dishes thoroughly with clean water and allowing them to air dry eliminates any concern about residual chemicals. It's similar to using dishwashing detergent - multiple rinses are necessary to ensure no chemical remnants remain on our utensils.

The nano-sponge magic wipe can be used safely without causing an increase in formaldehyde levels in the surrounding air. To demonstrate this, we will conduct a simple experiment. First, we will measure the current level of formaldehyde in a room with only one table. Then, we will place the nano-sponge magic wipe about 10cm away from the testing device to see if there is any change in the formaldehyde concentration. The results show that even when the sponge is newly opened and has a high concentration of formaldehyde, it still remains at a safe level of 0.03~0.05/m3 after being soaked in water. This proves that using the nano sponge does not result in elevated levels of formaldehyde, as it dissolves into water during use.

Although the nano-sponge contains formaldehyde, its level falls within the safe range and poses no threat to our health. It is not a baseless claim that the formaldehyde release is up to standard. Many items also contain formaldehyde, but whether it poses any risks or exceeds acceptable levels depends on the product. We suggest opting for compressed nano sponges that adhere to strict standards for formaldehyde content. These sponges are made with high-quality materials, undergo a mature compression process, and are subjected to formaldehyde removal procedures. As a result, they boast a dense structure, have no odor, provide good flexibility and durability, and effectively clean due to their superior compressed foam technology.