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What are the five major mindsets of financial intelligence?

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  • Dec 06,2021
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What are the five major mindsets of financial intelligence?

Have a rich person's financial thinking, will benefit for life, we often say that the five major thinking of financial intelligence is which?

The first kind of thinking, independent thinking, I do not know if you have found, rich people will do investment people's thinking logic is often the opposite of ordinary people, the bear market, people for the fund to avoid, but the rich people just the opposite, they are quietly acting, wait until the bull market came, we began to chase high influx of stocks, buy funds, look back we will find profit or rich people, because they are very clear, only to maintain independent thinking to make money in the market.


The second kind of thinking, very stingy on spending money, very generous on investment, we ordinary people pay the salary, generally first pay off last month's credit card, the rest of the money always can not resist treating themselves to buy buy buy, after an operation can only eat vomit. The rich are actually very stingy with their money, because the balance of the money is used to invest, so that the money to make money, we can often hear others spit on the rich, are so rich and still so stingy. They are not stingy, but the same amount of money spent and investment value is completely different, investment is not only a disguised savings, but also gives the opportunity to regenerate assets.


The third kind of thinking, with learning to improve themselves, we know two rich people, Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger, they are cool people who love to learn, Buffett said that success in business, do not need a high IQ, just more valuable, learning just remains a shortcut to success for ordinary people. You want to invest in something, the first thing to learn about his knowledge.

The fourth kind of thinking, do not look back at the past, focus on the present and the future, a fund investment losses always affect the next investment, or even a lifetime of not touching the fund, in fact, this is to find reasons for their own no longer progress. And rich people focus on the present and the future, even if they make mistakes can be adjusted back very quickly, can quickly correct mistakes to improve, and find future opportunities in the mistakes.

The fifth kind of thinking, active grasp of opportunities, rich people know how to reasonably allocate time and energy, actively seeking some opportunities, the right to choose firmly in their own hands.