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Learn these mother and baby parenting knowledge, so you can stay away from new mothers from now on.

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  • Oct 11,2021
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Learn these mother and baby parenting knowledge, so you can stay away from new mothers from now on.

Before the baby is born, mothers-to-be start learning all kinds of parenting knowledge. After the child is born, mothers-to-be start to really face these problems, feeding, bathing, dressing, changing diapers, do they gradually feel like an all-around mom? However, some of the cold parenting knowledge, mothers may ignore Oh!

1. within four months, exclusive breast milk can not add juice.

Breastfeeding is the best love for your baby, and exclusive breastfeeding can improve your baby's immunity after 4 months. As within 4 months breast milk has been fully able to meet the nutritional needs of the baby.

2. frequent sun exposure to enhance immunity.

Regular sun exposure not only allows the baby to replenish calcium,Parenting Station but also enhances the baby's immunity. Don't be afraid of your child getting a tan, but don't expose yourself to strong sunlight either.

3. supplement probiotics to enhance immunity.

The gastrointestinal system of newborns is not perfect, the nutrients needed for growth, the digestive burden is heavy, while the gastrointestinal tract function is not good, so it is easy to have diarrhea. Constipation. Indigestion. Digestive disorders such as nutrient malabsorption, infant eczema and other allergies are also related, so it is important to improve the intestinal health of infants. The condition of the intestinal flora directly affects the health of the intestinal tract, and the intestinal tract is sterile in the mother's body, and it is only after birth that the "intestinal" ecology begins to build.

Sudden death can be caused by tapping the child's chest.

Sudden death can be caused by tapping the chest of a child. Many parents do not pay much attention, often lined up in front of the child's chest to put the baby to sleep, new mothers should pay attention, patting the child's chest can induce abnormal heart rate, resulting in sudden infant death.

5. food in ten months can not put salt.

Many mothers, after tasting the baby's food, will feel that the baby's food has no flavor, in order to season, will also add some salt to the baby's food. In fact, this practice is not correct, the baby is born in 10 months on the diet does not need to add salt, if you add a little more, remember to give the baby to drink more water.

6. Dad is in a bad mood, the baby loves to cry.

The survey shows that the father is in a bad mood, more likely to affect the baby's mood. It seems that the baby's mood is very easy to be infected by the father, therefore, parents had better pay more attention to control their emotions oh.

7. Children who are abused have low IQ.

Always thought that stick education is the most barbaric education, there is no benefit to the child, except for the parents to take the piss. Research shows that the IQ of abused children decreases, and communication with the child is the best education method. Can not control their emotions in front of the child.

3. Sleeping with the lights on will reduce intelligence.

In the process of turning on the lights, some parents are reckless for the sake of their children's sleep, so they let their children sleep with the lights on all night. In fact this is harming the child, for the health of the child, it is better to sleep with the lights off.

The healthy growth of the child is the wish of every mother, so to take better care of the child, you must keep in mind this knowledge oh.