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How important is DHA to the human body?

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  • Jun 06,2024
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How important is DHA to the human body?

DHA, commonly known as "brain gold", is a polyunsaturated fatty acid that is very important to the human body. It is a major nutrient for the growth and maintenance of nervous system cells and an important component of the brain and retina. It accounts for 35-45% of the total fatty acids in the human brain and about 50% of the total fatty acids in the retina of the eye. It is crucial to the intellectual and visual development of fetuses and infants. Infancy is the golden stage for the development and growth of human brain cells,dha algal oil powder brain structure, and brain function. During this period, if the lack of sufficient nutrition leads to insufficient brain development, the impact caused is difficult to repair and make up for. In 1989, Professor Croft, a British nutritional chemist, proposed that DHA contained in fish is essential for the development of the brain. It is an important component of phospholipids in brain cell membranes and is particularly important for the growth and development of brain neurons.

Therefore, taking enough DHA in the infant stage will greatly promote the growth and development of brain neurons, maintain efficient connections between brain cells, and make the baby's brain neural network more developed and more sensitive and accurate. Studies have shown that DHA plays a certain role in improving the thinking activities of children with ADHD who have difficulty concentrating. And the relationship between adequate intake of DHA and the prevention of various age-related diseases (such as Alzheimer's syndrome) is becoming increasingly close. According to research by the National Institutes of Health, it can reduce triglyceride fat levels, and has a certain effect on lowering blood pressure and improving cardiovascular and cerebrovascular conditions.

At a meeting held in Rome in 1993, the World Health Organization (WHO) formally recommended that infants and young children should supplement DHA in the early stages of growth and development. Premature infants should especially supplement DHA as early as possible. As a result, DHA has become a recognized brain-boosting nutrient and an important nutrient for adolescents to improve intelligence, memory, and learning ability.