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Choosing the wrong curtains is like hanging a rag! Revealing the pros and cons of six popular curtains

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  • Aug 29,2023
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roman curtain

Curtains, one of the most important furniture at home! Because it not only has the function of regulating light and temperature, but also has the role of decorative space, is an indispensable helper in life.

But the problem is, just one kind of "roman shade", there are many kinds, not to mention a variety of functions of the curtains, just think of a headache! The following share to provide you with reference, take a look!

1. Roller blinds

Advantages:Roller blinds in all types of curtains in the evaluation of light blocking and decorative effect of the top. Generally speaking, the blinds can block most of the sunlight, only the side may have a little light leakage; Secondly, it is about 3 mm thick, the advantage is that it does not take up space (such as aisles). Especially the special roller blinds can also be like a painting, play a role in beautifying the space.

Disadvantages: Roller blinds are considered a heavier control roman blind material, not suitable for use in some large buildings doors and windows, and for large roller blinds will also aggravate the pressure of the rolling bar, pulling the roller blinds are also laborious. Secondly, it is easy to be affected by the wind shear effect analysis, so we even if it is a breeze, there will be roller blinds are adsorbed can be in the window gap situation, or directly lead to the lower edge of the constant through the knocking of the window frame, can not take into account the natural ventilation at the same time.

2. Roman blinds

Advantages: Unlike roller blinds are mostly made of plastic, Roman curtains are fabric-based, so in addition to a better sense of touch, and regardless of the color, texture and level of change, to better meet the needs of a variety of home styles. In addition, because Roman curtains can be closer to the window, so the shading performance is also quite outstanding.

Disadvantages:The biggest disadvantage of Roman blind curtain is the trouble of dismantling and washing, and if the fabric used is easy to shrink, I'm afraid that after washing, it can't be put back. Secondly, if you pull the Roman blinds in an incorrect way, it is easy to lead to a long time crooked, which is also one of the disadvantages. As for ventilation, like roller blinds, you can only choose between shade and ventilation. Suggestion:If you are worried that the lower edge will keep knocking on the window frame, you can stick foam to reduce the noise.

3. Blinds

Advantages: Superior ventilation is the main feature of blinds; by adjusting the angle of the blades, not only does it not impede the air flow, but it can also be taken into account for shading effect. And unlike cloth curtains that tend to breed dust mites, blinds made of aluminum, wood and other materials help reduce the growth of attached allergens.

Disadvantages:The disadvantage of aluminum blinds is that they bend easily. If you replace them with wooden blades, they will be heavier and difficult to pull up, not suitable for large doors and windows; and the blinds can't completely block out the sun, and there will be light leakage between the gaps. In addition to pay special attention to the problem of pulling the rope, be sure to put it to avoid tangling with children or pets.

4. Honeycomb curtain

Advantages: Because the curtain is similar to the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, so named. It's a major advantage, is that we have an excellent thermal insulation effect, help indoor temperature control, and in the light treatment performance is also outstanding, very suitable for large temperature differences in the region can be used.

Disadvantages: Not easy to clean is the disadvantage of cellular curtains, easy to accumulate dust, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner to deal with it. Secondly, it is also afraid of extrusion, which can easily lead to deformation, so it is not suitable for installation in children's rooms. In addition, honeycomb curtains also belong to the form of up and down switch, so compared with blinds, Roman curtains, ventilation is poor, but if you choose the style of up and down can consider the need for ventilation.

5. Blackout curtains

Advantages: the evolution of the curtain from the roller blinds because of the arrangement of light and dark stripes, also known as the "zebra curtain". Its advantage is that it has a strong ability to regulate light, but unlike blinds, it is by adjusting the angle of the blade to achieve the effect of shading. It uses a rolled curtain fabric (which looks like two layers of curtain fabric on the side) to bring the grid-like shades (dark colors) into an orderly arrangement, thus blocking or directing light from entering.

Disadvantages: The light colored shade (transparent) part seems to be ventilated, but in fact, in order to make the curtains stiff, there is some paint on it, so with blinds, it is not ventilated well. Also, the screen structure is prone to catching dust, and is also likely to harbor mold if installed in a humid space. In addition, although the name of the shade, but also light leakage.

6. Cloth curtains

Advantages:This is the most common and diverse curtains. Wide range of application, outstanding shading performance; especially through different colors, materials and designs, curtains in the decorative space than other curtains.

Disadvantages: the main disadvantage of fabric curtains is an easy to become a hiding place for allergens, if and belongs to the large curtains, cleaning will also be more laborious. In addition, heavy curtain fabric will also affect the ventilation, it is recommended that can be matched with lightweight gauze curtains, conducive to improving air quality circulation also play a part can be shaded role.

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