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In slang, what does tops mean?

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In slang, what does tops mean?

/ (tps) noun slang. a superior individual or object. adjective. (postpositive) Superb; excellent.

What movies are the most unsuitable?

the most divisive films ever produced
The 1988 movie The Last Temptation of Christ. Film Triumph of the Will, released in 1934. Sal, or the film about 120 days in Sodom, was released in 1975. The film The Birth of a Nation was released in 1915. the movie A Clockwork Orange from 1971. The 1932 movie Freaks. Viridiana, a 1961 motion picture. Movie Last Tango in Paris, released in 1972. More things...

Another word for more significant is what?

Giving your daughter a level of independence will help her learn from her mistakes, so do it.
What is a synonym for "more significant"? Higher gravity, more essential, more necessary, more pivotal, more crucial, etc. More important, more urgent, more valuable, and more demanding

Idiom or tall tale?

COMMON A very thrilling or extreme event that someone tells you about-but which you suspect is probably not true-is referred to as a tall tale or tall story. Some of his college friends fell for his tall tales because he was so convincing. He remarked, "She told my guests a tall story about our relationship."

What word is now popular?

What word in the English language is the sexiest?
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The definition of on time

English definition of on time. on-time. Adjective used before a noun to describe something that happens, arrives, or is completed on time and without delay: In terms of timely arrivals last month, the airline came in last.

What kind of language is viral?

Adjective. Viral: (computing, virology) caused by a virus; of or connected to a virus.

What should I emphasize as important?

7 Techniques for Highlighting a Vital Point During Your Presentation Be obnoxious.... Keep repeating yourself. Speak in a whisper. Reduce Your Speed. Make eye contact with your audience to engage them. Become in the Power Stance. Make a story's lesson your point.

What is the feeling after a run?

You may have felt it: the calm that comes after a successful run. The phenomenon known as "runner's high" is sometimes related to an endorphin rush that occurs during exercise.

What is the name of a tiny round mark?

Answers to the crossword clue "SMALL ROUND MARK" Answer to the riddle: "SMALL ROUND MARK (3) DOT"