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How do you choose curtains and what do they do? After reading you will understand

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  • Sep 06,2023
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How to choose curtains

1. The living room is the most active place for everyone, so visually the living room is better to be brighter. From this point of view, you can choose the gauze material of the fabric design curtains, which can shade the sun, the effect of the sun, but also play a decorative effect, which can make the living room more comfortable and cozy.

2. Bedroom curtains should not be selected randomly, so as not to affect the decorative effect and sleep quality, so in the selection, not only according to the decorative style to match, but also according to personal habits to choose curtains. From the perspective of shading, it is best not to choose too light curtains, so as not to affect the sleep of too much light, but to choose the cotton and linen Roman Shade Curtain, both shading and warmth and beauty.

3. From the color point of view, red curtains are full of passion, at first may look very festive, but for a long time will produce a sense of depression, so it is not recommended. Yellow represents warmth and is a popular choice, purple is more mysterious and noble, white is pure and simple, blue is serene for a reason, in short, the choice of curtains needs to be based on the overall decorative style.

4. From the material point of view, the curtain material is generally cotton, silk, hemp, but there are also fiber materials and bamboo. Cotton curtains feel good, high breathability, have the role of absorbing fine dust indoors, but easy to wrinkle, poor texture. Hemp material curtains verticality is good, not easy to stick dust, high grade, easy to clean. Silk curtains have the strongest decorative effect, good visual effect, high-end atmosphere, but the price is higher than the first two. Tea houses generally use more bamboo curtains made of bamboo, which makes people feel very elegant. There are also man-made fibers, which will neither shrink nor fade, and are more suitable for rooms with strong light.

What is the role of curtains

Fabric in modern society, family life is more and more affected by people's favor, curtain fabric design as a "soft decoration" in the home in a unique charm, it is like a people wear on our body fashion, not only soften the hard lines of the home market space, but also to give the living room a warm tone.

1. Rich changes in space light: indoor light can be created artificially, in order to room window opening rate is large, may wish to use different patterns of gauze curtains, so that when the light enters, light and shade will change, so that the space level becomes rich.

2. Longer rooms are shorter:Use eye-catching patterns at the narrower end of the room. For example, you can use curtains that coordinate with the wall decor at one end of the room and install decorative curtains at the other end. Use well-defined patterns, such as small rugs or decorative strips on the floor to define the floor.

3. Acoustic absorption: For audio-visual rooms or study rooms, choosing soft wall coverings and carpets is a very important function of acoustic absorption, which can absorb outside noise and also effectively improve the reverberation effect of the room, which is conducive to improving the indoor acoustic environment. Curtains can isolate the outside noise, can absorb some of the noise and improve the acoustic environment. It can also protect the privacy of family members from outside interference.

4. Make a small room look more spacious: the horizontal use of line patterns on the floor carpet, irregular lines on the walls, cylindrical bedding, as well as draped from the top of the gauze curtains can also extend the space, so that the area of the bedroom will not look depressing.

5. Make the space appear high: the use of traditional colors more harmonious "vertical" stripes and patterns to decorate the walls and windows, with eye-catching curtains of the same color but different colors can make it with the walls to form a contrast between the structure of the space in order to lengthen the proportion.

6. Protection of privacy: curtains are the biggest purpose of privacy protection, different areas of the room, the degree of privacy required for different standards. For bedrooms, bathrooms and other private areas, people not only require not to see, and even require not to see the shadow, which requires consumers to choose different curtains need to consider the differences in the privacy of each area.

7. Curtains can play a very good decorative effect: can make the interior more beautiful, more overall. And it can also block the outside world's bright light to the interior, goodbye to harsh light.