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How to prevent grease and smoke in kitchen renovation and enhance the storage effect has a trick

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  • Feb 24,2023
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How to prevent grease and smoke in kitchen renovation and enhance the storage effect has a trick

For small families in Hong Kong, an open kitchen design is undoubtedly the first choice, as this renovation solution can enhance indoor lighting and make full use of every inch of the space, greatly enhancing the visual effect of the living space. However, open kitchen decoration will bring a series of problems, such as the absence of walls and doors behind, may produce a lot of cooking fumes, affecting other locations in the room, followed by kitchen storage problems, if you can do a good job of the above two points, not only can prevent fumes, but also enhance the visual effect of the space.

Make good use of glass and mirrors in kitchen decoration

Chinese traditional food and drink will inevitably bring the problem of grease and smoke, open kitchen design can create a stronger sense of space, but will also bring the smell of grease and smoke in your room, you can consider adding glass or mirror elements in the kitchen decoration, not only can play a barrier role, but also enhance the sense of perspective, to maintain good visual effects, without affecting the lighting. Especially in small kitchens, if this design is used, the visual space will be more permeable and look very spacious.

Kitchen decoration how to unify the whole house vision

In the kitchen renovation, we must take into account the problem of kitchen storage, but also to avoid the visual effect of the space due to disorderly placement. In fact, small kitchens should make full use of different spaces, but also make great efforts on top of the cabinet doors, where the hidden effect can unify the visual design of the whole house, and at the same time can enhance the kitchen storage function to avoid clutter and disorder affecting the tidiness of the home.

Kitchen decoration should pay attention to the material selection of cabinets

No matter you are a large or small household, you need to pay attention to the material of cabinets when you are doing kitchen decoration, especially in Hong Kong where the climate is too humid, quality wood materials have good moisture-proof ability and have good load-bearing capacity, which can bring better kitchen storage effect. In short, the kitchen decoration want to save money also can not be in the material above the article, the selection of materials must be the real material.