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How to clean the floor? Teach you five tips, never worry about it again

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  • Feb 15,2023
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How to clean the floor? Teach you five tips, never worry about it again

Wipe with salad oil or expired milk with vinegar

When wiping the floor, you can add a few drops of salad oil inside the water, which is very easy to clean and can also help to brighten the floor. Or you can use expired milk inside with some vinegar, also can becleaning laminate floors with steam mop very good to remove dirt, and also can be rubbed very bright.

Self-assembled detergent cleaning method

Put 450g of soft soap, bleaching earth and soda into a large pot and add 2270ml of water to mix thoroughly, bring the pot of mixed liquid to a boil and boil it down to half of its original volume, then leave it to cool and put it in a jar. Use a hard brush with self-contained detergent to brush the stains on the floor, when brushing the floor better with the floor pattern, and then wash again with hot water and leave it to dry.

Rice water cleaning method

If there are stubborn stains or dirt on the floor, you can use a rag with detergent or rice water to wipe off the stains carefully, and then the overall cleaning.

Fine salt cleaning method

If the wooden floor accidentally stick on the oil stains, we can sprinkle some fine salt on it, as long as about 10 minutes, and then gently sweep off, you can clean.

in addition to glass fragments tape and hoover cleaning method

For children at home, Mini Rodini HKaccidentally breaking glass scattered all over the ground is a very dangerous thing, if only with a broom sweep is very difficult to sweep clean. For glass scraps that are visible to the naked eye, sticky tape can reduce the possibility of leaving them behind; if they are so serious that they become powder, cotton can be used to absorb them with water, or you can sprinkle some rice grains to stick them up and then vacuum them up. Another option is to use auniversity ranking asia wet piece of soap on the floor where the glass is scattered to press and wipe, scraping it off several times and pressing again until it is removed.

Is not feel the future of the floor cleaning convenient it, the so-called do-it-yourself food, hurry up with these methods easily to the floor cleaning once it.