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What are the main roles and effects of air purifiers?

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What are the main roles and effects of air purifiers?

Reminder: effect: can absorb, dissolve air purifier for cat allergies or convert a variety of air pollution sources (generally contains PM2.5, smoke, bee pollen, odor, indoor formaldehyde and other household pollution, germs, allergens, etc..

Purifiers are used in the home, clinic, google pay online shopping industrial fields, at home industry to a single machine version of the class of home air purifier as the mainstream of the sales market products. **The key function is to remove fine particles in the air, including allergens, PM2.5 in the room, etc., and at the same time can also solve the room, urban underground space, organic waste gas in the car because of indoor decoration or other reasons caused by environmental pollution doubts. Because the relative closed indoor space of harmful substances in the application of continuous and variable characteristics, so the use of air purification machine to clean indoor air quality is one of the internationally recognized forms of improving indoor air pollution.

Air purifier principle.

Air purification machine key by the motor, Nepia fan, filter and other systems, the principle is: the motor and fan within the machinery and equipment to make the indoor air quality cycle reciprocal mobility, water source pollution of the gas according to the equipment after the filter will be all kinds of pollutants plucked or sucked off, some specifications of the air purification machine will also be in the air conditioning outlet of the modified plasma generator (work in the plasma generator Kor pressure caused by the negative DC (high pressure), the gas will continue to hydrolyze, resulting in a lot of negative air ions, sent out by the micro-fan, to produce negative air ion cyclone, clean and tidy, clean indoor air purpose.

1, in the passive suction command over the type of purification treatment law (filter purification treatment class).
The key law of active air purification machine is: the air is pumped into the machinery and equipment with a blower, and the air is filtered according to the embedded filter, and the key can have the effect of over-consideration of smoke, dust, odor, harmful gases and kill some germs. And the filter key is divided into: fine particulate filter and organic compound filter. Fine particulate filter is divided into coarse filter, and respirable particulate filter.

2, Active type of purification processing rules (no filter type).
The key difference between the rules of active type purifier and active type air filtration law is reflected in that the active type air purifier solves the limitation of centrifugal fan and filter, and is not in passive waiting for the indoor air quality to be pumped into the fume purifier for filtration and purification treatment, instead, it is effective and active to the air out of the prison cleaning and sterilization factors, according to the characteristics of the gas will be scattered to reach each of the choking According to the characteristics of the gas will be dispersed, to reach every corner of the gas purification treatment.

3, two-way purification treatment class (active cleaning + in passive purification treatment).
This type of oil smoke purifier is actually a fusion of the technicality of active purification treatment and the technicality of active cleaning class.

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