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How to hand brew coffee to taste good?

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  • Feb 09,2023
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How to hand brew coffee to taste good?

A good cup of coffee, the quality of the coffee beans is important, but also after the extraction to be that a good cup of coffee. In simple terms, extraction is the process of using hand brewing tools to continuously inject water to brew coffee, which may seem simple to operate, but if you want to brew a delicious coffee, then you must not forget the balance of flavors in all aspects.

Coffee coarseness, water temperature, extraction wireless vacuum cleaner manufacturer time three major factors determine the flavor of extracted coffee, as long as the mastery of these brewing methods, can be made to taste quite good coffee.

Brewing factor one: coffee coarseness should be positively correlated with extraction time (brewing time)

Coffee bean grinding is the first process of brewing coffee. In the case of the same brewing time, the more densely ground the coffee is, the more contact area with the water, the more you can extract a stronger coffee; on the contrary, the coarser the coffee is ground, the smaller the contact area between the coffee powder and the water, then the extracted coffee tastes thin.

Coffee hand brewers understand that the finer the coffee powder encountered, the corresponding reduction in extraction time, in order to prevent excessive extraction, brewing out too bitter coffee, and vice versa to increase brewing time, so you must master the coarseness should be positively correlated with the extraction time this brewing point.

Brewing factor two: brewing water temperature should be inversely proportional to the degree of roasting

High temperature extraction is easy to enhance the extraction rate, enhance the mellowness of coffee, burnt crispness, bitterness, so shallow roasted, shallow medium roasted coffee beans are more suitable for high temperature extraction, because shallow roasted coffee beans acidity focus, high temperature brewing can be turned into a bright and lively acidity. In other words, low temperature brewing is more suitable for medium to dark roasted coffee beans. Of course this brewing temperature is best maintained between 82 and 92.

Brewing Factor 3: Brew time should be inversely proportional to roast degree

Under the same water conditions, the longer the brewing time, the greater the extraction rate (the greater the concentration of extracted coffee), and coffee capsule conversely the less time, the lower the extraction rate. Therefore, lightly roasted coffee beans are not easily extracted and should be brewed for a longer time.

According to the coffee bean roasting, grinding coarseness, etc., the brewing process to master the extraction time, water temperature changes to adjust the brewing method, master these principles, you can produce a delicious coffee with a balance of acidity, sweetness, bitterness and mellow sense.