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What is the difference between a forehead thermometer and a thermometer gun?

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  • Jun 09,2022
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Forehead thermometer and body temperature gun aluminum prototype are infrared thermometer, so they are not very different, the mechanism of its use is not the same body surface temperature released by the infrared radiation kinetic energy and size and its light wavelength distribution range is not the same. The infrared thermometer is characterized by no touch, high accuracy, faster accurate measurement, overheating video voice alarm, etc.

Forehead thermometer and body temperature Avalonminer gun is actually all infrared thermometer, the two are not very different, the basic principle is the use of human body temperature sent a certain percentage of infrared radiation kinetic energy size and light wavelength all over, and the interrelationship of the body surface temperature to do the purpose of measuring body temperature.

And the traditional type braun digital ear thermometer temperature measurement way of comparison, infrared thermometer with no touch can measure body temperature, very high accuracy, accurate measurement rate is very fast, overheating video voice alarm and other advantages, suitable for places such as entry and exit visa ports, seaports, airports, ports, subway stations, administrative agencies, institutions, cinemas, etc..